What Did the Reformers Believe about the Age of the Earth?

Answers in Genesis has just published my booklet on the views of the Reformers and Puritans about creation and the age of the earth. Today many evangelical Christians, even within the Reformed community, are embracing a more symbolic or figurative approach to the early chapters of Genesis. Writers from Martin Luther to the Westminster Assembly were well aware of allegorical approaches to Scripture, but as I show in this booklet, they testified with remarkable uniformity to a relatively young world created in six days. They believed that Genesis should be read according to its literal sense. I find this a tremendous encouragement, and I think that this remains an important part of the church’s doctrinal heritage based on the authority and clarity of God’s Word.

The sixteen-page booklets, which retail at $2.99 each, may be purchased from Reformation Heritage Books individually for $1.75, or in a pack of ten for $15.00.

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