Genesis Meditation #5

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This blog continues a series of meditations on Genesis 1–3. Many thanks to Bethany Cole for her beautiful photography.

Genesis 1 teaches us three additional truths about God. First, God is perfect wisdom. His creation followed an astonishing divine plan for an orderly universe and for the amazing phenomenon of human life. Already in the first chapter, the Bible implies that God has a perfect plan for the created order and for man as the crown of His creation.

When you read Genesis 1, doesn’t it seem absurd for us to think we know better than God or have more wisdom than He? We who are foolish cannot judge the all-wise God.

Second, God is perfect goodness. Repeatedly, Genesis 1 tells us that when God made something, He “saw that it was good.” All that God made was perfectly good because He is perfect goodness. Nothing marred the perfect beauty of God’s creation. Everything He does is like that.

Even today, when God’s hand is upon our lives, what He does is perfectly good. So we can believe that “all things work together for good to them that love God” (Rom. 8:28a).

The revelation of God’s goodness ought to revolutionize our attitude toward everything in life; it ought to change our thinking. It ought, above all, to bring us with open hearts and arms to embrace His will rather than to suspect it, scrutinize it, fear it, or want to change it.

Finally, God is perfect power. His strength is unlimited. Did you notice the ease of His work in Genesis 1? It is evident in the refrain: “And God said…and it was so.” God’s very word is creative; by it He called the heavens into being, He commanded the earth to be formed, and He spoke and set the stars in their places.

A healthy dose of the doctrine of creation is needed in our lives to bring fiber into our spiritual being, to strengthen our souls, and to help us understand that the same God who commanded the light to shine out of darkness also desires to shine in our hearts. God unites perfect wisdom and perfect goodness with perfect power to produce overwhelmingly wonderful glory. That is the character of our God.

How else God reveals Himself here in Genesis 1? What implications do all these revelations have for your life?

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