Update on Trichelle

Another update from Dave and Trichelle about her cancer treatments. Thanks for praying!

Hello all,

Trichelle continues to improve in strength after receiving her first round of chemotherapy two and a half weeks ago. Although the chemo certainly made her sick, we were pleased that overall the side effects were less than what we were preparing for. Certainly an answer to our and your prayers!

This week we met with the surgeon to discuss future surgeries as well as met the radiation doctor who will be taking care of us. Friday we met with the oncologist again and the second round of chemo is planned for Monday. We are thankful for the port our surgeon put in for receiving these drugs.

The plan as of now is to do nine more weeks of these chemo drugs, then switch to weekly chemotherapy of different drugs for twelve weeks. After that they plan to do around five weeks of daily radiation simultaneous with tri-weekly herceptin treatments.

We are thankful for the continued support, especially the meals and goodies!

Thanks for remembering us in prayer,

Dave, Trichelle, Breyden, Quinten, and Emilee Beeke

Emilee is showing that she enjoyed a donated dinner.

Emilee is showing that she enjoyed a donated dinner.

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