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Update from a Friend in Moore, Oklahoma

Moore Post Tornado 1a

Here is another report from my friend who lives in Moore, Oklahoma, about the devastation from the tornado.

Thank you very much for posting about the Moore tragedy on your blog and Facebook.  I wanted to mention another specific request: Pray for the kids and teachers of Plaza Towers Elementary. They are dealing with a lot of grief over the loss of those 3rd graders, and the teacher of that class is in the hospital with serious injuries and emotional stress over watching the children die.

Moore Post Tornado 2Over the past few days we have heard so many sad stories, and many miraculous ones of people who were spared who gave glory to God through it. A family from church who lost their house shouldn’t be alive, humanly speaking. They were in their house when it was hit, and the only wall left was the bathroom wall that they were huddled by. It is only because of God’s grace that they didn’t lose their lives.

Some of my family have been down there, and the pictures on the news do not do it justice. It looks like a war-torn country. I have never seen anything like it. It is going to be a long, long recovery.