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PCRT at Byron Center, MI (March 15–16, 2013)

Speaking at PCRT 2013

Speaking at PCRT 2013

After returning from Greenville, I had about 24 hours to turn around for another conference: the Philadelphia Conference of Reformed Theology (PCRT), which drew 500 people, began on Friday evening in the First CRC of Byron Center, Michigan. Providentially, the theme was very similar to Greenville’s conference: “In the Beginning: God, Adam, and You.”

Other speakers included Kevin DeYoung, Jon Payne, Richard Phillips, and Derek Thomas. I spoke on Saturday on The Case for Adam, The Puritans on Adam and the Covenant of Works, and Christ the Second Adam. The addresses I was able to take in were quite helpful; each in their own way affirmed Carl Trueman’s conviction that the battle for the historical Adam is a front-burner issue today.

This week Friday, my daughter Esther and I hope to travel to Indianapolis where I hope to speak five times on Spiritual Warfare for Rev. Gordon J. Keddie, pastor of the RPCNA church there. Pray that God will bless this conference in a mighty way, especially for His struggling people.