Update on Victoria (XV)

Five-year-old Victoria DeHaan was attacked by dogs two months ago. She suffered severe wounds, doctors considered amputating her leg, and at times her life hung in the balance. But the Lord has heard the prayers of many and she not only survived but is much better. I post this to keep faithful and loving prayer warriors updated on her condition.

Victoria had her first appointment at a therapy clinic yesterday. She is doing remarkably well; hopefully as times goes on, her walk will become more normal. She can climb the stairs and hopes to start school soon, perhaps after the winter break. She is in good spirits and the nightmares seem to be decreasing. Yesterday she saw both her legs for the first time. She never wanted to see them before, so her mother always held a towel in front of her when her dressings had to be changed or when she would take a bath or shower.

If you have legs that walk, take a moment today to thank the Lord.


  1. Robert bobby negron

    Praise God for His grace!

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