Ten Comforts When Losing a Child

Last week I had an opportunity to counsel a dear couple in Ontario who recently lost a child. Afterwards, they asked me to write out the thoughts I gave them that God could use to comfort them. Perhaps these can be of help to others as well:

  1. Think of the eternal destiny of your child. By God’s grace, the child will not return to you, but you will return to the child.
  2. Consider all the sin that your child was spared from by being taken home at a very young age.
  3. Consider how this affliction matures you. We learn more in adversity than in prosperity.
  4. You will be able to comfort others better when you go through deep ways.
  5. Deep afflictions such as this can greatly strengthen the love between you as husband and wife.
  6. You will appreciate future children far more than others who have never faced heavy afflictions in child-bearing.
  7. You will learn submission far better than those who don’t face such trials. Remember what Luther said: “Letting God be God is more than half of all true religion.”
  8. You learn to walk more by faith and less by sight, which brings great glory to God.
  9. You learn to be more weaned from this world more.
  10. You learn to be more conformed to Christ.



  1. Jeannette Paulson

    Thanks for this. I sent it on to a dear friend who lost a son this year. I know it will be a great comfort to her.

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