Why My Conscience Won’t Let Me Not Vote for Romney

Some Evangelicals and Reformed Christians in the United States show a surprising ambivalence about the election on Tuesday. I am not suggesting that many of them will vote for President Obama. But I do know some godly Christian people who may either not vote at all, or vote for a conservative candidate who has no reasonable possibility of winning the election.

I would hope that all who love the Scriptures would agree that we should not vote for President Obama. There are compelling reasons why a Christian should be distressed with the current administration. The President’s unqualified support of abortion goes beyond anything we saw from previous Democratic leaders like President Clinton. His public endorsement of same-sex marriage is well known. His fiscal policy has launched the federal government into reckless spending which runs up our deficit at a rate of more than a trillion dollars per year—that is, more than $3250 of additional debt per year for every one of our 312 million people. At present, our government is in debt more than $51,000 for every person living in our nation. People have documented his socialist agenda for the government to use its coercive power to steal wealth from some in order to redistribute it to others as its officials see fit.

When one considers what the Bible says about the unborn child (Ps. 139:13–14), homosexuality (Rom. 1:26–27), debt (Prov. 22:7), and stealing (Ex. 20:15), including taking from the rich to favor the poor (Ex. 23:3), those committed to biblical truth cannot but groan over the policies that presently rule our nation. To vote for President Obama is to vote for the advancement of moral evil, intolerance against biblical teaching, financial bondage, and political tyranny. As citizens of a democratic republic, we have the grave responsibility to use our vote to end this administration before it does more harm to the people of our land.

Furthermore, I think that we all would also agree that either President Barack Obama or Governor Mitt Romney will win the election. This is not a statement of choice, preference, or political ideology. It is just a statement of fact. Polls indicate that only a few percent of voters will choose another candidate.

Therefore, if you are a biblical Christian, and cannot in good conscience vote for President Obama, then you must choose whether to vote for Mr. Romney, or a candidate who cannot win, or not to vote at all.

Why would any Christian choose not to vote? You have an opportunity to speak up for the unborn children, who cannot speak for themselves. God will hold you accountable one day for how you used this power to vote. Proverbs 24:11–12 says, “If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain; If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not he that pondereth the heart consider it? And he that keepeth thy soul, doth not he know it? And shall not he render to every man according to his works?” To avoid the ballot box is to remain silent while a million lives are snuffed out each year.

What would you say to the Lord on Judgment Day if He asks you, “Why didn’t you use your vote to stand for the millions of unborn boys and girls of America?” The difference between President Obama and Governor Romney regarding abortion is clear. Romney has far more respect for the right to life and for freedom of conscience than Obama.

What about Christians who plan to vote for another candidate who cannot win? I can imagine two scruples of conscience that might hinder them from voting for Romney.

First, they might object to voting for a Mormon, and thus choose to vote for someone professing orthodox Christianity. I am no supporter of the distorted theology of the Church of the Latter Day Saints. It is outside the bounds of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It adds other writings and so-called prophecies to Scripture as the Word of God. However, we are not electing a pastor. We are electing the President of the United States. We do not live in a political system where the head of state leads the established religion of the nation. We live in a system of religious liberty where our Constitution says no religious test must be passed by a candidate for public office. (Ben Manring has posted on this topic as well.)

Christians can in good conscience support the political office of non-Christians. If godly Daniel was able to serve in the administration of the pagan king Nebuchadnezzar, then godly believers can support a President who is not a believer in the God of the Bible. The President’s job is not to teach sound doctrine, but to punish wrongdoers and to protect good citizens (Rom. 13:3–4), as the head of the executive branch of the government. To vote for Mitt Romney is not to endorse his views of religion, but to support him politically.

I might also point out here that as far as I can see in Mr. Romney’s past political record, at no point has he promoted his Mormon views upon the people he has served. I cannot find a single instance where he has tried to impose unsound Mormon theology on those whom he has governed.

Second, they might object to voting for a moderate conservative, and prefer to vote for someone who better fits their own more conservative views. They might say this is “voting on principle,” suggesting that they are acting with strict integrity of conscience rather than making a pragmatic compromise.

Let me respond by asking some questions. Is it a compromise of principle to vote for someone who does not agree with your perspective 100%? If so, then it seems that you can only vote for yourself! No one shares the exact same principles. In fact, our system of government virtually requires people of varying principles to work together so that various branches and offices of the government cooperate efficiently.

Imagine three presidential candidates in 2020, one of whom is an unknown worker at a Kleenex factory, the second is a famous and experienced leader, and the third is a homicidal maniac wildly popular for his music videos. Mr. Kleenex holds almost the same views as you do. Mr. Leader is sometimes frustrating to you but holds similar views to you on several points. Mr. Homicidal Maniac is, well, you know. Does “voting on principle” mean you must vote for Mr. Kleenex, even though 99% of voters have never heard of him?

Someone might say that this is not a fair characterization of our choices in this election. Of course it is not. These are imaginary people, not an allegory. My point is that voting on principle does not mean disregarding a person’s experience or ability to win the election.

To consider practical matters when making decisions is wisdom. Our Lord Jesus acknowledged the wisdom of being careful to “count the cost” before engaging in a large economic or military endeavor (Luke 14:28–32). Our resources are precious. We must not throw them away if we know we cannot accomplish our goal.

Your vote is precious. Please do not throw it away when you could use it to defend our children against a future of abortion, sexual perversion, socialism, crushing debt, and tyranny.

The elections where we must press for solid, biblical, conservatives are the primaries. It is sad that we have so few options in the Republican Party that represent the wisdom of the Word. I personally would have chosen a different man for the Republican candidate. We must remedy that, and we can remedy that. But the 2012 primaries are history now.

In the election on Tuesday, we have only two realistic options. If you don’t vote for Romney, then you have helped Obama. And if a significant number of evangelical Christians do as you do, Obama will be elected. I could not live with my own conscience if I contributed, even by default, to electing a president who promoted same-sex marriage and baby-killing, which may well lead to the destruction of America. That’s why my conscience won’t allow me not to address this issue, and also won’t allow me not to vote for Mitt Romney.

It’s a close race, dear friends. Choose wisely. No election in recent history has been so important as this one. Your vote could make a world of difference.


  1. Dave Peachy

    Makes sense to me; I would only add that God has commanded us to seek the welfare of the country to which we have been exiled. (Jeremiah 29:7) A non-vote or vote for a non-viable candidate is evidence of indiference to the welfare of our country.

  2. “Buckley’s Law” (formulated by the late William F. Buckley, Jr.) says that a conservative should vote for the most electable conservative candidate. This is wise. Not to vote, or to vote for a third-party candidate, is the same as voting for Obama. Yes, I wish Romney were more politically conservative (and not a Mormon!), but the alternative of four more years of Obama’s destructive moral and financial policies makes me cringe.

    • Richard, look at where “Buckley’s Law” has gotten us… The more Christians and plain conservatives compromise in voting for and electing ungodly and unqualified men, the more commonplace it will be to always have to settle for lesser men; it’s a downward spiral. Just think, the liberals of 50 years ago would be considered radical conservatives today. Buckley’s Law is producing unintended consequences. I think we’d better turn to a more Scriptural Law. Just my two cents in a bad economy. 🙂 Blessings!

    • God’s Law tells us the use of unlawful means is a violation of the 1st Commandment, and political pragmatism is covered there under. Ergo, in this instance of our current “options,” Mr. Buckley is wrong.

  3. Here we go again, another attempt to scare or bully Christians into voting for an unbelieving Mormon priest who thinks it is dandy to kill babies by the thousands, and has pledge to do nothing to stop the killing of the others.

    Pastor Joel Beeke adds his voice to the growing number of Reformed ministers:
    “Why would any Christian choose not to vote? You have an opportunity to speak up for the unborn children, who cannot speak for themselves. God will hold you accountable one day for how you used this power to vote.”
    He then quotes the Proverbs 24 passage about rescuing those headed to slaughter. Fine, but then he makes the logical leap that voting for Romney will do that. How many times will we ignore the claims of Romney, his wife, sister and surrogates such as Norm Coleman that Romney will not change a thing when it comes to child killing?

    All the standard arguments are here: “we are not electing pastor.” I would have thought a pastor who claims to believe the word of God would have at least wrestled with the many scriptures that tell us that a civil magistrate must Fear God, Kiss the Son, and uphold the 10 Commandments.

    Beeke even pulls out the Article Six argument about “no religious test”. First, that is not Bible. Second, it is irrelevant for it only applies to the legality of having an unbelieving Mormon as president. It says nothing about the reasons for voting. It is as if because the constitution has a right to free speech clause, that I am compelled to allow any and all speech in my own business establishment.

    Then we get the worn-out argument that God can use unbelieving or pagan leaders (I am reformed, I get it.) and that therefore we should “support” Romney. But obeying and respecting someone God has already placed over you is completely different than deliberately choosing an unbeliever to rule over you. A similar case would apply to those who find themselves married to an unbelieving husband. The wife should respect him, even though he is not saved. But this does not mean that if she became a widow she could freely marry an unbeliever. No, God forbids such a deliberate act.

    Dr. Beeke wrote:

    “I might also point out here that as far as I can see in Mr. Romney’s past political record, at no point has he promoted his Mormon views upon the people he has served. I cannot find a single instance where he has tried to impose unsound Mormon theology on those whom he has governed.”

    This is demonstrably untrue. Romney holds the same position on the lives of unborn children born of incest or rape as his religion does. At his acceptance speech he may have been the first candidate to ever use profane language, mockingly talking about “going to hell” in a flippant manner. That comes from the Mormon minimalization of the doctrine of hell. Finally, Romney filled that convention night with many Mormon friends who painted a picture of the religion for all of the listeners. Don’t be fooled.

    Finally, Beeke finishes with what has become the classic weapon used to bind the consciences of god Christians: “If you don’t vote for Romney, then you have helped Obama.” It is shoved into the faces of non-Romney voters so often it might as well be Scripture itself. But it is actually counter to Scripture. The Apostle Paul says that God justly condemns those who would do evil that good might come. I would like for just once, to see some Christian leader who endorses Romney to deal with what the Bible has to say on the duties of magistrates. I would like them to tell me what Romney would have to do before they would abandon his candidacy. Where would they draw the line? Most sadly only have one line. Not Obama. Give me the devil, but don’t give me Obama. I said something similar to this in 2008 and I was wrong. I can hardly imagine any other area of life where we would accept such a deal from the devil. Please, Dr. Beeke, you have fallen into a legalistic construct. Stop it.

    • Pat

      You and I AGREE that abortion for rape and incest is unacceptable. Believe me, I was very, very skeptical of Romney’s claimed conversion to be pro-life. I changed my mind when Dr. John C. Willke reported that he and an associate spoke with Mr. Romney, and that his conversion is genuine. I trust Dr. Willke. I have known him personally for decades. He is one of the founders of the pro-life movement. Making an exception for rape and incest is popular. This needs to change. In the meantime, being willing to do what is necessary to save 98% of the children versus being willing to allow a child who survives an abortion to be neglected to death, plus pushing abortion at every opportunity, presents a pretty clear choice. Romney has said he will reinstate the Mexico City Policy, and stop funding to Planned Parenthood. If he can put Planned Parenthood out of business, that will save 330,000+ lives annually.

      I am NOT HAPPY that Romney is a Mormon. I am ESPECIALLY NOT HAPPY that Obama is a Muslim, who lies every time he opens his mouth. Romney can possibly be reached. I think Obama is hopeless. And no, I see no substantial evidence Romney has pushed Mormonism off on anyone. A few isolated examples that can be interpreted to mean that doesn’t make a case. I am unaware that Mormonism says abortion for rape and incest is acceptable. I don’t know a single Mormon who thinks that. And I know lots of Mormons; I live in the middle of Mormon country. Romney isn’t REALLY that good a Mormon, when it comes to political issues.

      When ALL the choices are evil (that pretty much covers the current situation), then you do the least evil and ask God for forgiveness. Voting for someone who cannot win, and not voting at all, are also evil choices. There’s nothing legalistic about pointing out what is probably the least evil choice: supporting someone who has a chance to turn things around. Obama needs to be stopped. Romney is the only person who can do it.

  4. Ed

    The Republican party doesn’t really care about abortion as they clearly demonstrated during the period under Bush II when they controlled both houses, and still failed to act. After 40 years, don’t expect Romney to make a difference on this issue. “GT”s comments revealed Romney’s true position.

    Also, under Romney the pending debt induced bankruptcy and dollar collapse will proceed if albeit at a nearly imperceptibly slower pace. Poverty awaits the nation.

    3rd – Romney’s war rhetoric is many decibels louder than Obama’s. Not surprising since his foreign policy advisers consist of that same crew of neo-cons who gave us Afghanistan and Iraq. A needless war with Iran will be their equivalent, only on steroids. WWIII is a real possibility as the Chinese and Russians have made known their positions.

    4th – Rom. 13 stresses God’s purpose for us is to submit to and support the “governing authority”. For Americans this ISN’T the President. He is but a chief administrator – not a king! Our government is one of laws, not men. Our supreme law is the Constitution. That is what we swear allegiance to – not a man – not a party. Romney, like Obama, endorses the “patriot” Act, which eviscerates the 4th and 1st amendments, and the 2012 NDAA which gives a president power to omit “due process” and habeous corpus. Essentially the two of them are traitors to the Constitution.(as are many in the Congress) I think Adams, Jefferson, and Madison would thoroughly agree. I cannot vote to support anyone who would egregiously subvert my civil sovereign.

    Finally…, I will tolerate and vote for a man who doesn’t agree with me on the issues. I have no issue driven litmus test, except for one. …CHARACTER! I can’t support a flip-flopping, finger in the wind, prevaricator. Do you know of whom I’m speaking? Is it Obama? or Romney? Exactly. Consequently I’ll support a third party candidate with whom I differ on major issues, but who is honest about his stance, and who is respectful of the Constitution.

    It’s time for evangelicals to be wise as serpents. Stop the naiveté. Stop being “gamed” via the bifurcated single party system. (Even the Soviets gave their people two choices – Comrade A or Comrade B.) It’s time to tell the Republi-crats we quit! We’re not playing their game anymore!

  5. Pastor David Saxton

    Excellent article Dr. Beeke. I agree with your reasoning based on Romans 13. Thank you.

    • John

      “…reasoning based on Romans 13”.


  6. Caytie

    To all my Romney supporting friends: Can you deny the claims that are made about Romney’s record in this article? Would it make a difference to you if you couldn’t? Before you vote PLEASE know the man you are voting for. Don’t be fooled by
    campaign rhetoric and 30 second sound bites!

    “Even though Romney will promote at least 85% of the Obama agenda, conservatives have no fear or trepidation of Romney because he is a Republican, whereas Obama scares the pants off of them because he is a Democrat. Ah, don’t you just love partisan politics? Therefore, as I said, absent massive vote-fraud, Romney will be our next President. But he will do NOTHING to stem the tide of coming disaster.

  7. Voting is my way of expressing what I believe is best for my country, not my way of picking the winning horse. If I vote for someone I do not support, I violate the purpose of my vote. Also, the mentality that says voting for a 3rd party candidate is “wasting your vote” or “helping the other guy win,” is just plain wrong. One of the reason that a 3rd party has a hard time gaining a foothold is that very mentality and as long as we keep refusing to vote for a candidate that seems like a long shot, we will keep having to vote for “the lesser of two evils.” Also, if we are holding to our Christian principles in voting against President Obama, why would we forget about them in order to vote for Gov. Romney?

    If you are voting AS A CHRISTIAN, then you must hold to your principles and in doing so, neither of the main stream candidates should be a choice.


    • JJJ

      You had your chance to vote for anyone you wanted in your party’s primary. That’s the proper time to try to convince others of the merits of your guy. The purpose of a political party ‘nominating’ is that the party gets behind who the nominate, even, if they previously supported someone else. The Republican party is against gay marriage, against abortion, against deficit spending, against Obamacare, and, we nominated Mitt Romney. There is no chance of any of that happening if Obama gets in again. We will be judged by our stewardship of our vote. My conscience dictates that I invest my vote in something that may pay 5 or 10 times, not, bury it in the ground (Matthew 25).

      • Andrew Barnes

        And what if your party is the Constitution Party or another 3rd party?

        • JJJ

          Well, we have a nomination period (‘the primaries’) and a final election day. We are stewards of your time and money in the nomination period. To me, that’s when we give our time and money to the person we really want to back, whatever the party. On the final election day, I believe we have another kind of stewardship; we cast a ballot based on party because each party has chosen to nominate one person, and, others in the same party get behind that person, even if they supported another person in the party earlier. In my opinion, this final ballot cast is different from the nomination/primary ballot; it is a vote for a party at this point. I see much harm coming from letting one guy win over another; I guess others may see it differently; but, this calling people evil and choosing lesser of two evils is really out of line.

    • Nice to see someone making a choice with the fear of Yehovah. Too much talk about godless candidates and the fear of who will win. Daniel did not bow even when his life was threatened. To be pushed in fear and blame that not voting for Romney will be putting Obama in office is as much a lie as was used in the garden. Today we have people who are deceived as Eve and as rebellious as Adam. Nothing new under the sun.

      When people do things that they consider best for them despite knowing Yehovah would not approve, it produces results that all of us have to live with.

      I know that if all professing Christians would actually vote for someone life Tom Hoefling who is a lover of God and defender of all (not just some) life and a defender of the constitution he would win. But it is not those who vote for him who are doing wrong.

      The wrong is in not voting Godly and then blaming the results on someone who did.

      Yehovah will not be mocked. Voting for the lesser evil is evil and cannot be blessed by Him. If you have a tomato plant and tomato seed you’ll find the plant produces fruit faster than the seed but BOTH will produce tomatoes. Evil whatever degree, NEVER produces good.

      I did not waste my vote. I voted in submission to my Creator whom I will answer for in everything I do.

      • JJJ

        Tom seems like a great guy. Too bad God did not favor him to persuade others sooner. We had a nomination season, did you steward your money and time to give the maximum to Tom then like many of us did? Now that party nomination season is over, the next step in the process is to pick your party and vote your conscience; you’re just being lazy if you want to show up at the last minute, throw around a ‘weak lesser of two evils’ argument, and, spend a half gallon of gas to cast a vote that won’t accomplish anything. I doubt what you’re doing is evil, but, each of us is a steward and God is our judge. I’m pretty sure I’m not evil for prayerfully stewarding my vote the way I am. Adding to the Bible as you do (e.g., saying “Voting for the lesser evil is evil and cannot be blessed by Him” is definitely not even implied in Scripture) is, well, blasphemous or at least presumptuous.

        • JJJ I’ll help you with those verses. Blasphemous is acting like one knows Yehovah and does nothing to represent Him.

          Romans 3:8 Why not say–as we are being slanderously reported as saying and as some claim that we say–“Let us do evil that good may result”? Their condemnation is deserved.

          Hosea 10:12 Sow for yourselves righteousness,

          Gal 6:7 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.

          Ephesians 5:11 Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them.

          Luke 6:45-46 The good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil stored up in his heart. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks.”Why do you call me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ and do not do what I say?

          Duet 4:2 Do not add to what I command you and do not subtract from it, but keep the commands of the LORD your God that I give you.

          Too many have added whatever they please to His commands and tell Him to bless it.

    • Eric, AMEN!

  8. “The secret things belong unto the Lord our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law.”

    – Deuteronomy 29:29
    1.”But those things which are revealed . . .”

    Q. What are the “Revealed” Things?

    A. Well, they’re summed up in the 10 Commandments, a few of which we will consider. Let’s remember, however, that all the Commandments are somewhat intertwined seeing that what is forbidden in one may also be covered in another, and what is commanded in one, may also be required in another. So, while we will only consider a few, there are implications and correlations to other commandments that we simply will not address.

    -The 1st commandment is “Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.
    -The 2nd commandment is “Thou shalt not make unto me any graven image,” etc.
    -The 3rd commandment is “Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain.”
    -The 5th commandment is “Honour thy father and thy mother.”
    -The 8th commandment is “Thou shalt not steal.”

    These are the things revealed.
    2. Responsible Persons

    Q. Who is Responsible to Obey These?
    A. In the context, the children of Israel were the addressed party; however, as God holds all men accountable to His law, so are all men responsible for obedience thereunto. For example, it has always been wrong to:

    -Have other gods (Gen. 3:17ff).
    -Worship God outside of his parameters set (Gen. 4:1-7, Heb. 11:4).
    -Dishonor superiors (Gen. 9:20-25)
    -Murder (Gen. 4:1-10).
    -Steal (Gen. 2:15, 16, Gen. 31:26-32).
    -Violate the sabbath day (Gen. 2:2-3 & Ex. 16:25, Ex. 20:11).

    All of these “moral laws” are applicable to each and every person born of Adam.
    3. From the Lesser to the Greater, Particularly in Light of the 5th Commandment

    Q. Since God Requires Obedience of the Private Individual, Does He Not Surely Require, Then, Also of Superiors, Particularly in Light of the 5th Commandment?

    A. Particularly in light of a superior’s duties himself to obey the Law of God, he must, according to place, station, and sphere of influence, rule in such a way as to countenance that those under his authority obey these laws, and discountenance disobedience (insofar as said obediences/disobediences are aggravations in public) to them.

    -If the magistrate may have no other Gods, and he is required to “Kiss the Son” (Psa. 2) how may he countenance, even righteously protect by “law,” religions which conspire against Yahweh and His Supreme Authority? He may not.

    -If the magistrate is not welcome to worship God according to His whimsical desire, how may he righteously protect by “law” public worship which assaults the precepts God has laid down for His worship? He may not.

    If a private citizen may not worship other Gods, why would a public magistrate protect by “law” a practice which God has prohibited in His Law?
    4. God’s Prescriptive Requirements of Those Who Would Rule Over Men.

    Q. If We Understand God Prescribes that He Who Would Rule Over Men Must Be Just, Ruling in the Fear of God, How Does it Follow That Righteously I May Vote for One Who Does Not Fit Said Prescription?

    A. It does not follow that righteously I may vote for one who has no profession of faith in the God of the Scriptures, and it further does not follow that I am sinning by refusing to vote for “Anybody But Obama.”

    – “Moreover thou shalt provide out of all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness; and place such over them, to be rulers of thousands, and rulers of hundreds, rulers of fifties, and rulers of tens” – Exodus 18:21

    – “The God of Israel said, the Rock of Israel spake to me, He that ruleth over men must be just, ruling in the fear of God” – 2 Samuel 23:3

    – “Be wise now therefore, O ye kings: be instructed, ye judges of the earth.Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.” – Psalm 2:10-12

    The Lord says that magistrates, superiors, et al should “kiss the Son.” If out of all of my options there are none who will do this, especially if all of them have vowed to do other wise, why should I be obligated to vote for any of them, knowing the evil (whether intended or not) that they plan to do?
    Conclusion: Now, it may be that one does not share this understanding of the matter as I understand it. That’s fine. But what should not be concluded is that I am sinning, or “wasting my vote,” or “throwing it away,” or “voting for Obama,” when I refuse to vote for “Anybody but Obama” based on conscience, support from the Word of God, and thorough investigation into our “options.” It simply does not follow. God erects leaders like Ronald Reagan, and He erects leaders like Hitler. He also brings them down. The secret things are His, but those things which are revealed? Those are ours, and we ought to vote (or NOT vote) according to them.

    • JJJ

      Joshua, I think I agree with everything you said, and, you said it very well. My comment is that In the stewardship of my vote, I prayerfully have determined as much as I can that voting a certain way does the most good, as, it sounds like you are doing as well. I do not believe it is ‘choosing the lesser of two evils’ to use my vote to stop a clearly bad President. If you know that what you’re doing is going to help the bad guy, well … you answer to your own conscience. But, I guess people think Romney is a bad guy, too. In my view, that is really a kind of bigotry and prejudice; because the party that nominated him seems to have the right ideas and he espouses them, so, the kind of prejudging that is going on about how he will turn on his own party and words is, well, literally, prejudice. People are allowed to change their positions in life, and, we usually trust them when they do: Ronald Reagan also changed his mind on abortion, and George W. stopped drinking. But, I digress … good job on your comment.

      • Dear JJJ,

        Thank you for the kind words. This is not so much about changes to a more righteous position, which, obviously this Reformed Presbyterian would heartily welcome; rather, it is about what a man professes he will do as magistrate, and certain inferences made from a current position a man holds. Mr. Romney holds to a religion that acts as a competitor to the true religion. Further, he believes in “freedom of religion,” which means protecting false religion by “law,” and will continue to perpetuate that with no direction toward suppressing false religion. That, truly, is all I need to know as a Christian, regardless of his stances on other things. If he will not seek to uphold the 1st Commandment (which truly, all the commandments are tied up in that one), what is to keep him from ignoring other commandments (as he will). As I said earlier, we are looking for direction, not perfection. But the direction of both front runners is toward, not away from, the Law of God.

        With respect,


        • Dear Josh
          The Lord instructs us to be perfect as He is perfect and even Yeshua told a couple of people to “go and sin no more.” The scary thing is that people sell out saying Christ is not able to make them perfect. Oh those exact words are not used but we have settled for believing we are not new creations, that we cannot do all things through Christ who strengthens us. It saddens me that people aren’t like Daniel. He did not bow to save his life but American “Christians” seem to easily take the more “rational” way that is popular.

          Too much talk is about one man or the other and fear of Obama staying in. But little talk is done about the fear of Yehovah. There is a way that seems right to a man that leads to destruction. We should be looking for the narrow gate.
          Matthew 7:13 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.”

          I can’t imagine being rebuked by Yeshua for wanting to do everything to please Him.
          He did say “if you love me you’ll obey me.”

          That is my heart’s desire and my love for people compels me to warn them. But I can’t take the choice that Yehovah gives them away. They alone must choose to obey.

  9. Kate

    If I accept that I am already wearing white robes in the sight of God, then I need not fear having Him punish me for how I vote in an earthly political election. St. Paul tells us consistently that we are washed in the blood of Christ.

    If I do not vote against Barack Obama, then my freedom of religion will continue to be limited by raging voices who can attack me for “hate” crimes if I speak my conscience. My freedom of religion will continue to be overwhelmed by raging voices proclaiming mankind is a cancer on the planet. Environmentalism is an atheistic religion that is determined to silence Christians.

    I do not understand why any conservative would not vote on November 6. Psalm 2.

    • Jon Wetherington

      A vote for a third party is a vote for Obama,. There are only two choices Obama and Romeny. It is not a matter of Religion, but it is a matter of saving our country from being distroyed by 4 more years of the present Garbage

    • Ken

      You are right and you are wrong. Every Christian will give an account for what they have done on this earth to God. Not to be judged if your name is in the Book of Life, but whether or not you will receive an crowns.

  10. matt

    Than you for writing this article; I have had concerns about my vote. My conscience will be clean as I cast my vote for Mr. Romney. I cannot do otherwise. Those who are voting for 3rd party candidates (or not voting) are free to do as they feel appropriate, but my conscience will not allow me to do so.

    • JJJ

      Thanks, Matt, I agree. Ross Perot lives in my city and I remember what happened in 1992.

  11. Steve

    Though I agree Christians should vote this article is missing a few key points.

    1. Remember this NOT a popularity contest it doesn’t matter if Romney wins pop vote and loses electoral college

    2. With that said I would say that any GOP voter in cal or ill or a number of other states is “wasting” their vote.(I hate that term but what I mean is your guy has a good of chance of winning that sate as I do.). Just like a vote for Obama is a waste in Utah. He could pour 1 billion into Utah he isn’t winning there.

    3. The race comes down to a handful of states that’s it the rest are in the bag for each guy.

    4.since you want to deal with facts that Romney or Obama are the only 2 that can win which I agree you need to determine if you are in a toss up state or not. Cause if you are not your vote doesn’t really matter GOP,dem or 3rd party.

    5. If GOP voters in sates that they have no chance to win in would vote 3rd party in this election we would have options for future elections and it would have no barring on this election.

    6. Until conservatives stand up you will continue to get the same weak guys term after term and keep saying we will fix it next time. How many doles, McCain, Romneys do we need to keep sending up? In my almost 40 years of life never has a GOP candidate been a first time nominee either first vp, lost last primary or son of a president. This dates back to Nixon!

    If you want to vote Romney in a swing state go for it but I will say you are wasting your vote in dem states if you do.

    FYI Michigan isn’t a swing state if it was Romney would spend money and time here. So don’t waste your vote Michiganders Obama by 4-5% here.

    • Dana Van Roekel

      1) I get very frustrated by people saying things like this. It is a dangerous misunderstanding of what the electoral college is. The popular vote most certainly DOES matter, as it is that popular vote which both directs the electoral college, and also brings acceptance of its results.

      2) With the media polls outright lying to us about the direction the election is taking, the unprecedented enthusiasm of conservatives and dismay of centrist democrats, and the fact that independents are on our side by wide margins, there are VERY few states which can truly be considered “safe” for Obama. This is the kind of election which can very easily cause very blue states to turn red. That is UNLESS people follow your logic on this point and buy into the idea that Romney can’t win the state in which they live.

      3) It doesn’t matter whether the race comes down to 1 state or all 50. We MUST make the margin of victory as wide as possible or we risk rioting and other evils from those weak-minded individuals who will be prone to believing the Obama lies that the election was stolen. We also must guard against Obama getting it into his head that he might win if he runs again in the future.

      4) In an election such as this, how does one truly “determine if you are in a toss up state or not”? We can’t believe anything coming from the media or the polls. There is only one state which has not gone to at least one Republican candidate in my short (39 year) lifetime, which is MN. MN is in fact a toss-up state at this time. Given that fact, what state can truly be considered so Obama-friendly that a vote for Romney would be wasted?

      5) In most election years I would agree that a 3rd party vote as a means of party building for the future is a good idea for those who live in states which are solidly on one side or the other. This year, the stakes are FAR too high for such considerations. Obama must not only be beaten, but thoroughly repudiated.

      6) Your first 5 points argue against conservatives standing up and being counted. After making such points, your suggestion that conservatives by more aggressive in the Primaries rings rather hollow. It is extremely important that conservatives vote (and vote wisely) in the primaries, but it is every bit as important that we stand against the evil and tyranny which flows from the left. We MUST push forward when we have the wind at our backs as we do right now, regardless of whether we are in a “state that matters” or not. We must NEVER yield to the temptation to become dis-spirited or complacent.

      and FYI. Romney has been spending both money and time in Michigan, so don’t let anyone tell you that it’s not in play. Don’t let anyone ever convince you that it is futile to vote against evil.

      • Sean

        Well said Dana. Thanks for providing a balanced and honest rebuttal.

      • Excellent rebuttal points!

      • Tim

        Well said Dana! I was very interested in the Constitution Party 18 months ago…. Actually, I still am, but I think the only hope that smaller, more focused parties have a chance is by starting out local and gradually build up to the state and then the national level..

        I agree, that THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is to get Mr. Obama out of office.

    • Joel

      Michigan is a tie as of the latest poll. Michiganders of good conscience need to get out and vote for Romney/Ryan. Nice try though.

      • steve

        a tie yet called so early in the night for obama. thanks for drinking the kool aid michigan gop. another 40 years of doles, romney, mccains.

        every 4 years its the same thing. the other guy is SO bad I can’t go third party. YOUR VOTE COUNTS for NOTHING unless you win the state!

    • CB

      I agree about conservatives needing to take a stand, Steve. However, I do not believe that voting third party in this Presidential Election is the time to vote for a candidate who cannot be elected. Please please support another party if you desire to – just not tomorrow! It would be fantastic if shortly after this election, we could all find local solid conservative third party candidates to support for town, county, and state offices. For example, IMO the Constitution Party looks pretty good. However, is it realistic to expect its candidates to win a Presidential Election when most Americans are not even familiar with the party much less its members? It seems that we have some work to do before the next Presidential election. What if a third party began running for local elections first – won some, did a great job, and the populace got to know who it was and what it was about (and saw it as a having viable candidates)? This will take time. But, our nation is worth it! I have grown more and more frustrated by fellow conservatives who tell me they just *can’t* vote for the lesser of two evils. I read an article today which reminded me that if we don’t vote for Romney -since a third party candidate is not electable at this moment – we will essentially be voting in the greater of the two evils. [I do dislike putting quite like that as no one is going to be perfect and we are all sinful…..]

  12. Am a bit taken aback by the tone of the article and some reasons given for voting and voting for Romney. I agree that some President Obama’s policies are distasteful to Christians and I agree that Romney stands more closely on the side of evangelical sentiments about some lightening rod issues. What I cannot fathom is the strong arm tactic of using the judgement seat judgement of God to cajole one into voting for Romney, is very poor on your part, your ability as a thinker and writer far exceeds the arguments that you try to force down the throats of your readers. One would think that your very salvation is on trial and I cannot help bu think that this is coming from warped view of the world of politics.Using fear is not the path we should be taking in encouraging believers to vote for one candidate over another.

    • KILLING BABIES up until birth is Obamas view on “womens health” any questions?

    • Paul

      And yet, it is fear that keeps us from walking too close to the edge of cliff. It is fear that makes us don mitts or gloves to take a hot dish out of the oven. It is fear that keeps us in the right-hand lane on American roads. It is the fear of the wrath of God that first convinced us that we needed salvation. The consequences in each case, should we ignore the fear, would mean our health or life or our eternal life. Fear of answering for our actions – saved, yes we are, but accountable for our actions in the flesh, yes, we are- should similarly lead us to make better decisions.

  13. Dr. Beeke, I appreciate your heart and concerns and your prudence about another 4 yrs. with Obama, but I would have to disagree with your sentiments on the basis of three points:

    1. Let us vote for those who will honor the Lord the most, knowing we all have differences. Voting Christianly is to vote for the one who will honor Christ the most. Both Obama and Romney are pagan. The one may be nicer than the other but that is it. Neither of them will represent Christ well, though the Lord will use them. May the Lord bring them both to their knees in the present.

    2. Whoever gets in – we can trust the Lord that it is HIS will and not the mere will of the people, though the will of the people may be the Lord’s will by virtue of letting us have our ‘Saul.’ BTW, American voting is a rather unique process of acquiring kings in world history.

    3. Romney will be a flip-flop pagan in the White House and a huge disappointment to those who vote for him. He is for Agenda 21, homosexual unions and will promote the banksters, Wall-street, the policing the world and the establishment – the Bilderbergers. Romney is a soft version of Obama and, therefore, my conscience says no.

    May the true Israel cry unto God for their deliverance even if the bondage and tyranny increases (Rev. 6 – ‘How long o Lord’).

    We will have the Lord’s will, and Jesus, the true King of kings, is coming soon. It may be the Lord Jesus is continuing to show the world who the true Ruler is. Nevertheless, we vote, we pray, we repent, we preach the gospel trusting that revival is normally a grass roots endeavor anyway. Rome was won over not by a political leader but by lives being transformed one by one. Constantine was just the fruit of the grass root transformation of culture
    Bless you brother. Thank you for your hard work for the Kingdom.

    • Agree

    • Rev. Roger Ph. Drews

      While Romney msy br called by some as a “pagan” the LDS faith does uphld the moral principles of the Ten Commandments. We may all agree that Romney doesn’t highlight this in his campaign, but to NOT vote for him is to ote, buy default, a crypto-Cjhristian, an Islamist. Not voting or for a 3rd part takes a vote away from the Judeao-Christian morality.

      • The first commandment is broken by Romney. All others are therefore broken by Romney. He will not honor Jesus Christ though he will be under His authority as all leaders are. Vote your conscience brother and we all can trust the Lord of lords to Shepherd us. You agree! 🙂

    • Tim

      The author is right. We are not voting for a pastor we are voting for a leader. We have a clear choice. Mr. Obama has shown his nature to be perfectly evil, While Governor Romney has proven himself to be imperfect… Not unlike most of the rest of us saved sinners. Even Moses and King David were imperfect, but God used them both in mighty ways. I pray that someday Mr. Romney will come to true Christianity… and it may be plausible. I also pray for Mr. Obama, but I believe that his ego and commitment to evil will prevent that from ever happening.

  14. Larry

    I’m surprised at the tone of Dr. Beeke’s article. Personally, I think it comes across as being condemnatory of Christians that do not vote for Romney. Condemnatory of Christians that have decided to not vote for Romney – Christians that have made this decision based on prayerful consideration. Dr. Beeke warned us that God will hold us accountable one day for how we vote. Pastor, let me remind you of something. The Holy God of the Bible is going to hold us accountable for every idle word we speak. Can we please be gracious to each other on this difficult issue?

    • Chuck Patton


    • Paul

      I didn’t feel condemned. Just reminded of good math:

      Recognized Candidates
      + Candidate Amoral Atheist = 45% of votes (clearly not a majority)
      + Candidate Moral Mormon = 43% of votes (clearly not a majority)

      Write In Candidates
      + Candidate Conservative Christian = 8% of votes (holds same moral principals as
      Moral Mormon, but could not vote for him because Mormons are not Christians)
      + Candidate Libertarian = 4%

      Winner: Amoral Atheist, because out of principal, the Conservative Christian could not vote for a moral leader who was not Christian.

      In the end, God is sovereign. But that doesn’t mean he wants you to lay down. If we follow that thought, then:
      – why witness? God decides who’s going to be saved
      – why work? God will take care of us if he wants us to eat
      – why train our children in the way they should go? God will make them into what He wants
      – why read the Bible? God will let us know what He wants us to know

      We will answer for all that we do and say in the flesh. Why not understand that applies to how we vote as well as what we say?

    • Ken

      Yes Chuck/Larry, God will hold us accountable for every word and action we took on this earth. How many people have your words/actions affected others to the point they will not accept Christ as their Savior? Has your behavior/words led the unsaved to call you a hypocrite and therefore reject the gift of salvation and everlasting life with Jesus?? So YES you WILL be held accountable for your words and actions!

  15. Does it really matter what either candidate believes on abortion when abortion continues despite whomever may be in office? Mr. president Bush was not an abortion advocate but also did nothing to effectively slow it down in 8 years. These campaigns seem to be full of promises from both sides that cannot be fulfilled simply because they do not have the power to do so.

    • kyle

      Just because a president doesn’t (and can’t) make something illegal doesn’t mean he doesn’t have power to appoint those who can (aka federal judges & Supreme Court Justices). The influence a president can have on this crime against humanity might be indirect, but it certainly isn’t negligible.

      You are correct in stating that there are a lot of promises being made that are impossible to fulfill, but the abortion issue is not one of them.

    • terry s

      No, but Obama actively promotes abortion and Planned Parenthood, lying about their services offered.

  16. Kate

    America was a miraculous experiment of government by the people. If you do not vote against President Obama you are relinquishing your God-given rights to personal property, free speech and freedom of religion.

    A brief perusal of his use of executive orders is all a Christian libertarian needs to see that Christians will be further silenced and marginalized in his “dream” for America. Please read Psalm 2. Obama supporters strongest bond is their wish to break the chains of the Rule of Law. They wish to protect their “civil liberties” which are freedom from religion, freedom to kill unborn humans, freedom to fornicate, freedom to desicrate our sovereignty.

    Mark Steyn says, “The Sexual Revolution was well-named: it was a revolt not just against sexual norms but against the institutions and values they supported; it was part of an assault against any alternatives to government, civic or moral. Utopianism, writes the philosopher Roger Scruton, is ‘not in the business of perfecting the world’ but only of demolishing it: ‘The ideal is constructed in order to destroy the actual.’ Who needs families, or marriage, or morality? Who needs nations, especially nations with borders? We’ll take a jackhammer to the foundations of functioning society and proclaim paradise in the ruins.”

    Please, if you have any “conscience” at all, please Vote.

    • Frank Morgan

      Ok I’ve read Psalm 2 – several times – and still can’t amything in there (or anywhere else in scripture) where God’s people should support a man who worships a false god and helps spread a false gospel. I agree with everybody who says how bad Obama is. However, the solution is not to put a Baal worshiper in office.

      • otrmin

        Frank, I have yet to see where the scriptures say that we *shouldn’t* politically support a man who worships a false god and spreads a false gospel, and all of the texts I have seen used to try to support such a notion have had to be tortured to make them fit such a notion.

        What Kate is saying here is something I have said for a long time, and that is that we need to vote, not looking for texts that we can abuse, and then use to impose black and white standards on people, but we should vote on the basis of the Biblical values. At the center of the Biblical values lies the Gospel. It is the true Gospel that is the hope of this nation. Although Romney doesn’t believe the gospel, he is not the most anti-religious freedom president we have ever had. We need to vote according to the value system of the scriptures, and when the proclamation of the Gospel is made that central, we should really be concern when our vote results in the destruction of our legal ability to proclaim the gospel.

        • Joel

          Everything you say, otrmin, sounds nice.

          “Vote on the basis of biblical values.”

          “Vote according to the value system of the scriptures.”

          But in the end this is all so vague it’s entirely useless. In your quest to avoid “black and white” standards (i.e. Exodus 18, Deut. 1), you’ve fallen back on pious-sounding but ultimately meaningless slogans and catchphrases.

          Again, otrmin, answer the question: What do you mean, specifically, by “biblical values”? What are they? The Ten Commandments? If not, then what?

          You sound like a politician, otrmin. You use a lot of words without actually saying anything.

      • Kate

        If you can’t find anything in all of Scripture, it is because Christ did not tell us how to vote in an earthly election. He said, Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s. My kingdom is NOT of this world.”

        As Free People we have the right to participate in public elections. Based on our judgment we must make choices. You make choices every day in your daily life.

        I must reiterate that I believe you are not convinced that your sins are forgiven. But it is clear from Scripture that you are saved. Nothing you did earned you that status. You are already saved. Now act responsibly.

        • Joel

          “Now act responsibly.”

          How does a Christian act responsibly? How is he to judge what is responsible and not responsible? What standard should he follow, if one exists?

          • otrmin

            Joel, very simply, the principles laid out in the scriptures, such as the centrality of the gospel.

          • Joel

            otrmin: “Joel, very simply, the principles laid out in the scriptures, such as the centrality of the gospel.”

            So what principles should I look to to make sure I vote responsibly? Seems to me that if the centrality of the gospel is to be a concern, then I don’t see how I can vote for a man (Romney) who will, if he wins, further legitimize Mormonism and its false gospel, deceiving many in the process.

          • otrmin


            It actually seems to me like you don’t have any confidence in the power of the Gospel. Which gospel is more powerful? The Gospel of Jesus Christ, or the false Gospel of Mormonism? What of the fact that Mormonism has had innumerable serious problems such as the Book of Abraham, the problems with Joseph Smith’s first vision, etc? It is a total insult to the Gospel of Jesus Christ to say that it cannot overcome such belief systems. In fact, that is why we *want* an open marketplace of ideas, so that we can show that Mormonism and secularism *are* false gospels.

            So, no, you are only proving my point. If you really believe in the centrality of the gospel, you would say that it can overcome even the false gospel of Mormonism. It is, after all, the power of God unto salvation. Do you really believe that? Or do you believe that our salvation is going to come in getting the right man into the White House, such that the only way Mormonism will be defeated is people are kept from seeing it? Are you really suggesting that we should engage in a “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” when it comes to Mormonism?

            This is what I mean by interpreting the Bible through understanding its values. What values are we talking about? The ones I have mentioned, and the ones Joel Beeke has mentioned in his post. When you interpret one passage of scripture so as to destroy its other values [such as the centrality of the gospel] you probably have the wrong interpretation.

          • Kate

            Joel, May the Lord bless you and keep you.

            Do not agonize (spoken by one whose blood-pressure is probably elevated because of tomorrow’s election.)

            Take tomorrow off. Do not vote. If your conscience is so troubled, then spend time seeking Peace; the Peace of Christ – that Peace the world cannot give.

            http://archive.org/details/TheStory-teller I prayerfully hope this link opens for you. Click on #5 over on the right side.

          • Joel

            No, that’s not what I am saying at all, otrmin. I have full confidence in the God’s sovereignty and his gospel call. God will prevail no matter what. Which is why I’m not afraid of either Mitt or Barack.

            The question is: What have we, as Christians, been called to do? Does the Bible have anything whatsoever to say about electing civil magistrates and how we ought to choose them? Of course, I believe the Bible has plenty to say, but you apparently don’t.

            I asked you what biblical principles we are to observe when we vote. Kate said to “act responsibly.” OK, then how do I, in light of Scripture, vote responsibly? You can’t give me anything. Apparently, when it comes to politics, we’re all on our own. I guess it would be fine for me to vote for Obama then.

            Of course God will continue to save who he wills regardless of who wins some stupid American election. But then, we also know there are consequences to disobeying God’s law, which is what everyone who votes for a Christ-denying candidate does. God will not bless us for a faithlessness.

            Do not confuse God’s providential will (what will come to pass) with God’s prescriptive will (what he commands us to do). There is a difference.

  17. CO Democrat

    Jesus didn’t say anything about abortion or homosexuality. He said a heck of a lot about poor people though…

    • these3remain

      @CO – God said a lot about the unborn and there are numerous references in the Bible about homosexuality in both the Old and New Testament. Jesus never condoned stealing from the rich to give to the poor. In fact, he said that we will always have the poor with us – not absolving us from our responsibility to them, but recognizing that we live in a fallen world and poverty is part of that fallen system.

      • CO Democrat

        There’s references about eating shellfish and pork too (Lev 11), but I don’t see anyone protesting at a Long John Silvers…

        Just admit that if you’re going to pick and choose verses you’re picking the ones that support your already established positions. And if God hates gay people so much, why does he keep creating them?

        • these3remain

          @CO – Apparently you lack basic understanding about the Bible. The references to dietary codes and restrictions that you and other unbelievers like to point out were rules and laws designed to set apart God’s people, the Jews, from the rest of the culture. They were given to a particular people group at a particular time in a particular culture – i.e., there is no universal application. This is especially true since the New Testament and new covenant.
          God doesn’t hate anyone – but He DOES hate sin. Homosexuality is a form of sin no different than adultery, stealing or murder. You seem to be implying that homosexuals were “created” that way – something that may or may not be true. But let’s assume that it is true. It is no different than any other besetting sin. Man has a sin nature – no one has to teach their children to lie, they have to be taught to tell the truth. Similarly, no one teaches anyone to be homosexual but just because something comes “naturally”, doesn’t make it alright with God. A person has a choice to act on their homosexual desires or not, just as heterosexuals have a choice to act on their heterosexual desires or not. Also, we live in a fallen world – as a result, there is sin in our world. You may not agree with or like my explanation but what matters is whether or not you have the same perspective on sin that God has. If so, you will run from it and find it as unbearable as God does.

    • CO Democrat

      I’m not arguing that abortion isn’t an important issue, but Christians shouldn’t treat this as the ONLY issue. When Romney says he wants to increase military spending, and seemingly start a war with Iran, we should be concerned. Too many Christians (IMHO) ignored a lot of evil things that GWB did (starting wars, authorizing torture) as if he had some sort of “Christian immunity” and didn’t push for peace (Isaiah 2:4) with respect for ALL life, not just unborn.

      • kyle

        Let me pose a hypothetical question:
        Supposed there was a candidate that you aligned almost 100% with and you thought had a chance of winning the election. The one issue you disagreed with him on was that he wanted to kill every person from South Korea over the next 40 years. Would it be wrong to vote for someone else because of “ONLY” that issue?

        Over the past 40 years more babies were killed through abortion than there are people currently living in South Korea.

        Would it have been wrong for someone to be a “one issue voter” against the Nazi part when they were killing off millions of Jews?

        The question is not “Should we or should we not be one issue voters?” The question is, “Is there an issue big enough to make us one issue voters?” Call me closed minded, I don’t care; but the silenced voices of more than 50 million infants are a big enough issue for me.

        • CO Democrat

          It’s not a problem to be a one issue voter. What bothers me in the tone of this article is the ‘no true scotsman’ argument that only Christians vote for Romney, basically saying that you’re not a Christian if you vote for Obama. I support the ACA because I believe that a civilized society must ensure the provision of basic healthcare to ALL its citizens regardless of their ability to pay for it.

          If you want to reduce the number of abortions in this country, expand women’s access to healthcare and improve education. Not the exact opposite.

          Remember, the only difference between ObamaCare and RomneyCare is that RomneyCare has taxpayer funded abortions.

          • Pat

            A “Christian” who votes for Obama probably doesn’t have a Christian worldview. I can’t say such a person isn’t saved.

            It is not the responsibility of government to provide our medical care. That is the responsibility of the individual, the family, and the church. The ACA will DESTROY medical care. You can’t just look at the intent. You have to look at what a piece of legislation will actually DO.

            If you want to reduce the number of abortions, get rid of abortionists. You do this by giving women a law that protects them against abortionists, and then you prosecute abortionists. The Christian community has already provided avenues for improved access to health care and education. It is done through crisis pregnancy organizations. And that’s the way it should be. The real problem here isn’t lack of access. It’s too many women being willing to let men use their bodies for personal pleasure. It’s women who do not guard their honor and save themselves for a husband who cherishes them. It’s women who will accept abuse from their husbands in the form of coercion to get an abortion. We deserve legal protection from abortionists and from coercion.

            ObamaCare also funds abortion, and so do many other policies Obama is promoting. He stopped the Mexico City Policy. He funds Planned Parenthood. Obama is the MOST anti-life president we have ever had. No Christian can, in good conscience, do anything whatsoever that will help him get re-elected.

      • these3remain

        @CO – I agree, abortion isn’t and shouldn’t be the only issue – and it’s not for most people. Most people are concerned with the record level of unemployment, record level national debt and a foreign policy that has resulted in utter disdain from US enemies and the death of an American ambassador and 3 others – the first since Carter. Romney’s alleged “increase” in military spending is simply reinstating the same levels that Obama cut. He’s never said anything about starting a war with Iran – that’s leftist fear mongering. Bush wasn’t perfect and did things that I disagreed with (as well as many other Christians) but he’s not running. Obama is. Biden voted for both wars. Regardless, the number of lives lost in both the Afghanistan War and Iraq War are a fraction of the number of lives lost to abortion.

        • CO Democrat

          Romney proposes to increase defense spending to a minimum 4% of GDP, above and beyond what even the military has requested. And he wants to bring back torture, which should concern all Americans

    • Kate

      For any reader here who is truly interested in an answer, unlike CO.

      Christ lovingly, and briefly, told the harlot to “Go, and sin no more.” That is His response to sinners, no matter their sin.

      Regarding God the Father, He is a Jealous God. Those who mock Him or His Son, saying His Word is not clear or is negotiable, or that His Son “was a Liberal” Do Not understand the Creator at all. There are clear, profound and unequivocal commands regarding deviant behavior in Scripture.

      • Ken

        You left out something very, very important. Jesus said that to REPENTENT SINNERS who repented of their sins and also accepted Jesus as their Saviour. Something co apparently has not done nor can co understand.

  18. Romney successfully implemented gay marriage by himself in Massachusetts.

    Romney implemented RomneyCare, the blueprint for Obamacare that includes $50 abortion co-pays. Restated– Romney created taxpayer funded abortions.

    Obama is a less effective version of Romney.

    All voting for Romney will do for the unborn annihilate them in greater numbers at the hand of a proven, effective abortion promoter: Mitt Romney http://prolifeprofiles.com/mitt-romney-abortion

    I understand that your conscience requires to to vote Romney. Amen to all of your concerns about Obama. He is as bad as you describe, maybe worse. But could you imagine voting FOR Obama for any reason? I imagine you would NEVER vote for him. But that’s exactly what you are telling Christians they must do if they fear God– because Romney is as terrible or worse than Obama.

    God holds teachers accountable to a higher standard then normal believers. I want you to feel desperately concerned to face our God having told Christians God will judge them for not voting for Romney.

    I would issue a retraction immediately. For the sake of the church, for the sake of your standing before God.

    • ConnieV.

      Wow, I’d stay unchurched forever if you were the example of a Godly person.

      • Sarah

        Josh, I think your comment was well-articulated and not angry at all, just concerned. I disagree with Connie’s statement about being unchurched. I certainly couldn’t say something like that based on a few paragraphs in a web comment. Perhaps she has more personal insight into your life than the rest of us; if she happens to be a disgruntled neighbor of yours, I’d take it to heart. 😉

  19. This was a great read. Thank you so much for bringing great wisdom to a muddled mess of personal convictions vs. obeying God’s commands to protect, defend and uphold His principles.

    If we could all remember that we’re voting for a secular president and not a Christian pastor, I think we’d all do the right thing.

  20. John

    As a Christian, I cannot vote for Romney. I do not trust him. He has told too many lies and backtracked on many statements when they did not seem politically expedient. His lack of compassion for the population who are helpless and not well-to-do is pitiful and Un-Christlike.

    • ConnieV.

      The examples of Romney’s compassion are many and well-documented. I can’t believe a self-professed Christian is perpetuating such lies without doing his homework.

      • Austin

        Show us your homework…..

    • these3remain

      @John – As a Christian, I cannot vote for Obama. I do not trust him. He has told too many lies and broken almost every promise he made during his 2008 campaign. His lack of compassion for the population who are helpless is evident in the fact that unemployment is at record levels among blacks, hispanics and women and the poor are worse off since he took office. Gutting medicare by 716 billion dollars will result in the elderly receiving fewer benefits and Dr.s accepting fewer medicare patients. His appalling failure to send back-up security after multiple requests to the consulate in Benghazi resulted in the death of a US ambassador and 3 others; the lying and prevarication about this issue should be grounds for impeachment. I find it abhorrent and ungodly.

  21. otrmin

    I think one of the major problems with all of the arguments for those who say that we should vote for a third party candidate is the assumption that our vote is going to change the status quo. We have these candidates, because this is what the American people, in general, want.

    The problem is that the transformation of a society does not occur through the voting box. Society can only be transformed through the Gospel. We need to see people’s hearts transformed, so that they love what is right. Then, you will see the candidates change.

    The reality is, a vote simply cannot change a society. When we believe that it can, and we torture the text of scripture to make it fit the notion that we should only vote for a Christian, then we are simply presenting an anti-gospel. The reason why I believe it is wise for people to vote for Romney is because he is the only one of the two who will defend our freedom to continue to promote and preach this gospel.

    To put it another way, if Romney wins on Tuesday, it is no big victory. It simply buys us more time to continue to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ over and against the false gospel of personal peace and affluence that is prevalent today. However, to vote in such a way so as to destroy our legal right to continue to promote the true Gospel of Jesus Christ is simply not taking into account the high value that the scriptures place on the proclamation of the gospel.

    To give an example, I was reading a transcript of an interview between Albert Mohler and Gregg Frazer. It is an interesting read:


    My point in directing people to this article is that Frazer points out that the founders were largely heterodox in their theology. They held to, what he calls, “theistic rationalism.” It was an attempt to mix Christian beliefs about morality with the rationalism of the enlightenment. However, what is interesting is that the rationalism aspect of their beliefs never really took hold politically, because the popular society was so strongly orthodox and Christian in their beliefs. Thus, the beliefs of the society can actually control what leaders will do. What is disconcerting is that people are thinking of voting in such a way that the Gospel, which is the only thing that will bring such a society about, will continue to be assaulted legally. Such is utterly contradictory to the value system of the scriptures.

  22. When did “pro-life” come to mean only caring about unborn American babies? Have we already forgotten what happened under the last “pro-life” president? Preemptive war, hundreds of thousands of men, women, and children dead, fundamentalist Islamic regimes installed in the Middle East, a burgeoning police state here at home, massive debt, a collapsing economy, the continued funding of Planned Parenthood, etc.

    • Pat

      You are talking about Obama here. Bush didn’t do these things. Obama did. Obama is NOT pro-life. Bush went to Congress for permission, which is Constitutional. The efforts in Iraq saved hundreds of thousands of lives. The war was not pre-emptive. Saddam allowed the terrorists to be trained in his country. There was no fundamentalist Islamic regime installed under Bush, but there are a number being installed under Obama. Obama has to be stopped! Only one person in the country can stop him: Romney. And as for the claims he is pro-abortion, he used to be. But he talked to Dr. John C. Willke or one of his associates, and changed his mind. Dr. Willke said the change is genuine. Remember Reagan. I know Dr. Willke personally, and I trust his word. Who is more likely to change toward the good: Obama or Romney? To ask is to answer.

  23. Len

    As a Christian shouldn’t it be our first priority to vote for a Christian who is running for office? Is there a Biblical passage that supports this? Doing good to all men is imperative, but what about “As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith”? (Gals. 6:10).

    Since Clint Eastwood brought forward the idea about hiring and firing a President based upon the business approach with the handling of Obama and his adminstration, when we consider the business model of a Christian employer hiring to fill a position, and what you have to choose from is a Muslim sympathizr, a Mormon, and a Christian, what do you think is your responsibility to do, which one would you hire in light of the scripture of giving priority to the “household of faith?” No, it isn’t about electing a Pastor, a lesser of two evils, and all the other albi’s out there, etc., but where are we on electing Christians to office as one of our founders has stated? John Jay, “Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty, as well as the privilege and interest of our Christian nation, to select and prefer Christians for their rulers.” [John Jay, The Correspondence and Public Papers of John Jay, Henry P. Johnston, ed. (New York: G.P. Putnams Sons, 1890), Vol. IV, p. 365.]

  24. jay

    All very valid points Lee. Could not agree with these sentiments more. The Abortion issue should be number one IMO but these others cannot be ignored. Also Romney has now played both sides of the abortion issue so how can the “double-minded” man be trusted on that most important issue?

  25. Christopher Coombes

    I believe that this just makes voting for a third party candidate all the more sensible, especially as a loud and clear message to the GOP that they do NOT “own” our votes like we are slave chattel to their cause, in spite of how liberal and unacceptable a RINO they chose to nominate. Voting one’s conscience is not wasted or meaningless.

    For example, if one remembers H.Ross Perot and his campaign in 1992, his costing G.H.W. Bush the election scared BOTH Democrats and Republicans into balancing the budget and creating a surplus in the 1990s. BOTH parties DID change for awhile. I am not arguing for H.Ross Perot’s particular positions, I am simply using his campaign as an example that voting for third party candidates CAN have an effect upon elections AND also upon those who stand to loose power the most for abandoning the base that a particular third party individual best represents.

    If I decide to abstain, that would be a conscience-driven, active abstention from voting and not a decision borne of apathy or inactivity. Such a choice is just as much an active choice as one voting for a man who believes Satan’s brother is Jesus. No one who knows me personally would accuse me of being inactive in the life of my community.

    Choosing HOW to apply my civil right to vote is fully partaking of the blessing of being born in America. For example, I have a civil right to divorce my wife for many reasons under civil law, as fivilous as if I find someone I like better, yet I choose not to exercise that right for the various justifications the civil authorities allow, because divorce for many of those frivilous reasons would constitute a moral evil, civil right or not.

    There are times when exercising a civil right cannot be done without committing an immoral, evil act in itself, or an act that is in support of evil.

    Is voting for Mitt such an act? For me it is, not only for his religious beliefs, but also because I simply do not believe what he says. His actual history is one of constantly switching positions, such as his views on abortion, dependant upon what is best politically expedient for him at the time. I will not jettison my Calvinism and become an temporary Arminian just so I can take Mitt at his word.

    • Thank you for the very well written and expressed response, brother. I especially appreciated your final sentence.

  26. Emily

    VIsit lds.org to clarify some of your facts. Mormons DO believe in the Bible, God and Jesus Christ. I was distracted by some key misinformation in this article.

  27. PY

    Does it matter? We were not made to vote. You can vote either or with all the right reasons that you believe but ultimately, no amount of votes will ever sway the decision of God who had already set in place the “winner”. He has a greater picture than our puny little minds can think of and comprehend. He has a reason for either of them to be the next president… You don’t need to vote in order to voice Biblical views or reject the wrong. That view should be projected as often as you can…

  28. So, what you’re really recommending is that Christians vote for a murderer. It’s true that Romney may not be responsible for as many infanticides as Obama, but a murderer is a murderer is a murderer–whether he’s only committed or was responsible for the crime once or many times over. And don’t forget, Yahweh’s law (Numbers 35:31-33) does not provide any clemency from the death penalty for murderers, even repentant murderers (Exodus 21:14) . One things for sure, you certainly don’t make presidents out of them.

    Be careful that you’re not voting out of fear of Obama rather than fear of Yahweh. Whether Obama and Romney, you’re voting (among other things) for a murderer. Romney’s current (expedient) position on infanticide does not exonerate him from being a murderer in the past. His current position endorsing the killing of a child in cases of rape alone make him complicit in murder. It might be prudent to consider 2 Chronicles 19:2 . Also 1 Timothy 5:22 and 2 John 1:7-11.

    • Ted, I have been saying this for months now. Any Christian who takes the Bible seriously must hold these men to the same standards. The willful killing of even one child is too many!

      • Jonathan Manring

        Yes, but willfully standing by and allowing it to happen without doing anything is also wrong. It is a clear fact that if Obama loses, less children will be killed than otherwise would have. I for one cannot stand by and do nothing to bring this about.

        • So, you’re okay with voting for one murderer provided he doesn’t murder as many as the other candidate. 1 Timothy 5:22.

          • Jonathan Manring

            Mitt Romney is not a murderer. He is a defender, if an imperfect one, but I’ll take an imperfect one (one who will defend 99% of children) over an attacker or someone who will stand by and do nothing (see Ron Paul, “dissenters,” and armchair activists who have a lot to say about abortion and how we should vote, but actually don’t do anything about it).

            By the way, I assume from your condemnation of Mr. Romney for not perfectly defending all unborn children that you yourself are heavily involved in the pro-life movement. It would be remarkable if someone who was not involved in the defense of the unborn criticized someone who was for not doing it perfectly.

  29. Chris

    In my home state there is no possibility for Obama or Ron Paul to win. Since my state is a winner take all Why should I vote for Romney when I could vote for another candidate? He is going to carry my state anyway.Believe me I am deeply embedded in the Republican Party in my state, but will not be voting for Governor Romney but Ron Paul. My conscience will not allow me to vote for Obama or Romney.

    • Pat

      Ron Paul would be just as dangerous as the incumbent, in my opinion. He is not truly pro-life. He has a states’ rights position on abortion. That’s like states’ rights on slavery. It is unacceptable. He doesn’t understand the threat of Islam. He wouldn’t protect our country from terrorism; he would invite terrorists to our soil to terrorize us here. And if enough people in your state act as you propose, the state won’t stay red anyway.

      My conscience would not let me vote for Ron Paul under any circumstances.

      • Chris

        My states laws protected life before roe v. wade. It was not until the warren court (republican) that it was legal. So before that time it was illegal in my state to have an abortion. As for slavery that was brought to us by the constitution.
        Also Mr. Paul has a Christian view of war. You do not attack unless attacked. And he has a constitutional view…..let congress vote before going to war.

        But this strays from the point. The point is that voting for another candidate other than Governor Romney is a wasted vote. When he is carrying the state anyway. Using Joels logic as the basis for his conscience’s vote that only two have any viable chance to win on a national scale. In my state the only possible chance to win is Governor Romney. It is so lopsided that I have not seen a single Ad for Romney or Obama. If someone understand the Electoral College or why all the focus on battleground states then you understand my position.

        • Pat

          The “Warren Court” wasn’t an explicitly Republican court. Judges don’t discuss their opinions in confirmation hearings. It isn’t possible to figure out how they will vote in most instances.

          I agree you don’t attack unless you (or someone else) was attacked. We WERE attacked. And Congress DID authorize Iraq and Afghanistan. Paul wanted a particular formulation for a declaration of war. There isn’t one in the Constitution.

          If you THINK Romney will carry your state, and you vote for someone else, and very many people do the same thing, Romney won’t carry your state. Simply put, you should never do ANYTHING that if everyone else did the same as you would produce a disaster.

          I understand the Electoral College. And I think we should keep it.

      • Jonathan Manring

        Couldn’t agree more Pat. Well said.

  30. Dee

    Seriously? You think the article is condemnatory of Christians who don’t vote for Romney? No such thing. He’s merely pointing out simple facts about this election, including how terribly important it is to back the ONE who has a chance to be the WINNER against Obama.

  31. jim schafer

    if you do not vote, you have forfeited your right to complain! ! !

  32. I disagree it’s a ‘throwaway vote’ to vote for a conservative 3rd party. First, even if you are taking the ‘pragmatic’ route, then in a Red state, it’s unlikely your 3rd party vote will effect the electoral vote. Second, the piece you don’t account for is that there is a good chance that “mainstream” republicans have too much invested in abortion as a wedge issue to actually do anything about it. 40+ years and they have really done very little to advance pro-life legislation nationally. Romney has said his agenda doesn’t include pro-life legislation beyond Mexico City, or a balanced budget. If you look at Bush I, Bush II and Regan, they all gave lip service to pro-life causes, but yet appointed some of the worst judges and did not use executive power or setting legislative agenda to save babies. If the mainstream candidates have and will continue to sucker real pro-lifers into voting for them while not advancing the cause, then what’s really a ‘throwaway vote’ is to continue supporting them. I get it’s a hard choice (if you live in a toss-up state), but if you think 4 or even 8 years of Romney would end abortion or balance the budget, you’re deluded.

    • Pat

      Bush II gave us some good judges. Reagan did what he could. Reinstating the Mexico City policy will save a lot of lives. It is worth doing, even if a president can’t do anything else. The President doesn’t have the authority to do anything he wants, our current interloper notwithstanding (his chickens will come home to roost). Furthermore, it isn’t always easy to determine what a given justice will do, because they play their cards close to the chest. You don’t always know what their views are with sufficient accuracy to be able to determine with certainty that he is pro-life. I don’t blame presidents who select a bad judge through ignorance like I do a president who deliberately gave us unacceptable judges.

      All it takes is enough people thinking as you and others do, that you can play with your vote and take a chance, to throw the state into the red column or prevent it from going blue. Regardless, neglecting to support any VIABLE alternative to our interloper is STILL negligence.

  33. Paul

    While the economy, jobs, rights of the unborn and other similar issues are important, those are not the reasons I will vote for Mitt Romney.

    I will vote for Mitt Romney, because, as far as I can see, electing him will prolong the amount of time I have to freely share the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with a fallen world. The current incumbent is no friend of religious freedom.

    In the end, may God’s will be done. Remember that to get His people’s attention, He often, because of their sin and rebellion, allowed them to suffer under the thumb of malevolent nations. And often it was only then they wised up and called to and turned to Him. We have not yet suffered unto blood – maybe this is our time. And if it is, may God be praised and may I go to my earthly grave singing the praises and preaching the only name under heaven by which we must be saved: The Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

    • Pat

      I agree. Christians will still share the gospel while being persecuted, but the choice is between being allowed to share the gospel without such great personal risk, and taking a risk with your life. And if we are being persecuted, it will be much more difficult for us to sponsor missionaries to other countries. Furthermore, whoever is elected will appoint our next Supreme Court justices, up to four of them, and will have a lasting impact on our country. Enduring four more years of the wrong candidate won’t be an option. Our country will be gone. Our children and grandchildren will suffer the consequences.

  34. Ken

    For all those who are on the fence on who to vote for. Let’s make it real EASY. Measure each man and his beliefs/actions against the Word of God and see who comes closest to the standards put forth by God. That person deserves your vote.

  35. Jim Wallis

    For a much more nuanced, less didactic, and I would say, “more Christian” view, see: http://sojo.net/magazine/2012/11/how-choose-president

  36. David

    I don’t know that I can make it through all the entries for this post, but it appears that a very simple principle of Scripture is being overlooked. If we are told in Scripture to pray for those in authority that we might live a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty (1Ti 2:2) then I fail to understand why we shouldn’t vote along the same lines. Perhaps we ought to prayerfully consider which candidate is more likely to promote such an atmosphere, to the limited extent a President (and Congress, and the Judiciary) can.

  37. Bruce

    I have to believe that God gave us the great nation through God fearing men and thus gave us the right to vote. Jesus is not and never has been on the ballot. We, as inheritors of the great gift of America in an imperfect world of men, have the right and duty to vote for those who will best represent the values we believe in and the Bible espouses. To not vote for the best outcome in this God given nation is the same as conceding to the forces of evil. I cannot stand by and not vote for a man who has lived a life with respect for God (not a comment on Christianity vs LDS) but instead allow a man who uses the name of Jesus as a marketing tool to go unchallenged. Same as burying my talent in the dirt and neglecting my master’s interests in my opinion. Please vote tomorrow. We may never get another chance. Also, pray for God’s mercy and a revival in America.

  38. William Buggins

    Good article.
    The main responsibility of the Christian in this world is to be both salt and light. In the early Church they had no vote, they had no say. Now, thanks to the faith and witness of our bretheren down through the ages we have the right to vote and have a say un our democratic societies.
    So I agree with Joel Beeke. Whatever we may think about the wrongs of Mormon theology, we are not voting for a pastor or minister. If you look at Obama’s background
    http://www.conservapedia.com/Early_life_and_career_of_Barack_Hussein_Obama#Radicalism there isn’t very much there to fill a Christian with confidence that this man means well for the Christian church, or the moral and economic well being of the USA (I am a Brit!)
    We Christians know that only Jesus can forgive and turn around the life of a sinner, and that’s what we should be saying. But in this world Christians can subscribe to the politics they feel most comfortable with under the Lordship of Christ.

  39. Why is it people think there’s only one issue here? There are definitely other issues. I do not believe for a moment that the death panels will go away under Romney; Medicare already doesn’t pay for a lot and the list is going to be getting shorter. Babies’ lives, elderly lives, everyone’s life counts. Whether it’s Obama or Romney, it’s going to hit the poor – Obama with his energy policies will surely cause more deaths when the elderly poor have to turn their thermostats down another few degrees. Ever hear of people trying to live in one room in their homes with the thermostat set at 60?
    How about some guilt spread around to those Republicans who refused to nominate a candidate who would have made a real difference? They split the ticket back at the convention. We’re supposed to go along after they kidnapped delegates? The way I see it, the only way the Republican party is going to ever nominate a true conservative is if Republicans refuse to kowtow to this nonsense every time there’s an election. I’m sick of it. We’re all sick of it. Real change doesn’t come from the same pool of old (and liberal) blood. I refuse to go along with this farce – and make no mistake, that’s what it is – a farce. I get tired of being guilted into voting for someone who’s really no different than the Democrats on other issues.

  40. Ken Murphy

    As a Christian I fully agree with the original article. We do not live in an ideal world. Of the choices before us, which one will do the most good/least evil? I live in a swing state and I will definitely be voting for Romney.

  41. Alan Noble

    Right on! Joel Beeke. If we have any hope as a nation, we must remove our President.

    If you are voting AS A CHRISTIAN, you must vote for morality. You must vote for Romney.

  42. Sarah

    So you [and the author] are implying that my salvation is at stake because I voted for Mr. Obama? Even if one disagrees that it is a wise and biblical view to vote against Mr. Obama, I think it is dangerous to equate being a Christian with one’s political views.

    Salvation is faith in Jesus + voting for Mr. Romney, right?

    Even if you wouldn’t say that directly, you seem to be implying that by saying I cannot vote as a Christian for Mr. Obama.

  43. Pat

    Your salvation doesn’t depend on who you vote for. It depends solely on Jesus’ sacrifice and your acceptance of it. However, voting for Obama indicates that your Christian worldview needs some tweaking. Obama has the blood of millions of unborn children on his hands, and he has fomented violence in the Middle East without congressional authorization. There will be millions more who will die because of his actions there. He doesn’t obey the Constitution. Obama clearly has shown that he values no one else’s life. He has even thrown his supporters under the bus when it suits him. He sat and WATCHED while four Americans were slaughtered in Libya, and refused to allow the military to go to their aid. That was a cold-blooded killing as far as I am concerned. I do not think he wants the good of the country. He wants to be our dictator. It shows in everything he does. If anybody who understands the basis of salvation thinks they can support him, I will have to say categorically that person lacks discernment.

  44. berniederen

    you can quote scripture all you want, some for some against,but the fact still remains ,how will you be judged when on judgement day you are asked how you should be judged for standing by and doing nothing in the face of evil !


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