Why My Conscience Won’t Let Me Not Vote for Romney

Some Evangelicals and Reformed Christians in the United States show a surprising ambivalence about the election on Tuesday. I am not suggesting that many of them will vote for President Obama. But I do know some godly Christian people who may either not vote at all, or vote for a conservative candidate who has no reasonable possibility of winning the election.

I would hope that all who love the Scriptures would agree that we should not vote for President Obama. There are compelling reasons why a Christian should be distressed with the current administration. The President’s unqualified support of abortion goes beyond anything we saw from previous Democratic leaders like President Clinton. His public endorsement of same-sex marriage is well known. His fiscal policy has launched the federal government into reckless spending which runs up our deficit at a rate of more than a trillion dollars per year—that is, more than $3250 of additional debt per year for every one of our 312 million people. At present, our government is in debt more than $51,000 for every person living in our nation. People have documented his socialist agenda for the government to use its coercive power to steal wealth from some in order to redistribute it to others as its officials see fit.

When one considers what the Bible says about the unborn child (Ps. 139:13–14), homosexuality (Rom. 1:26–27), debt (Prov. 22:7), and stealing (Ex. 20:15), including taking from the rich to favor the poor (Ex. 23:3), those committed to biblical truth cannot but groan over the policies that presently rule our nation. To vote for President Obama is to vote for the advancement of moral evil, intolerance against biblical teaching, financial bondage, and political tyranny. As citizens of a democratic republic, we have the grave responsibility to use our vote to end this administration before it does more harm to the people of our land.

Furthermore, I think that we all would also agree that either President Barack Obama or Governor Mitt Romney will win the election. This is not a statement of choice, preference, or political ideology. It is just a statement of fact. Polls indicate that only a few percent of voters will choose another candidate.

Therefore, if you are a biblical Christian, and cannot in good conscience vote for President Obama, then you must choose whether to vote for Mr. Romney, or a candidate who cannot win, or not to vote at all.

Why would any Christian choose not to vote? You have an opportunity to speak up for the unborn children, who cannot speak for themselves. God will hold you accountable one day for how you used this power to vote. Proverbs 24:11–12 says, “If thou forbear to deliver them that are drawn unto death, and those that are ready to be slain; If thou sayest, Behold, we knew it not; doth not he that pondereth the heart consider it? And he that keepeth thy soul, doth not he know it? And shall not he render to every man according to his works?” To avoid the ballot box is to remain silent while a million lives are snuffed out each year.

What would you say to the Lord on Judgment Day if He asks you, “Why didn’t you use your vote to stand for the millions of unborn boys and girls of America?” The difference between President Obama and Governor Romney regarding abortion is clear. Romney has far more respect for the right to life and for freedom of conscience than Obama.

What about Christians who plan to vote for another candidate who cannot win? I can imagine two scruples of conscience that might hinder them from voting for Romney.

First, they might object to voting for a Mormon, and thus choose to vote for someone professing orthodox Christianity. I am no supporter of the distorted theology of the Church of the Latter Day Saints. It is outside the bounds of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It adds other writings and so-called prophecies to Scripture as the Word of God. However, we are not electing a pastor. We are electing the President of the United States. We do not live in a political system where the head of state leads the established religion of the nation. We live in a system of religious liberty where our Constitution says no religious test must be passed by a candidate for public office. (Ben Manring has posted on this topic as well.)

Christians can in good conscience support the political office of non-Christians. If godly Daniel was able to serve in the administration of the pagan king Nebuchadnezzar, then godly believers can support a President who is not a believer in the God of the Bible. The President’s job is not to teach sound doctrine, but to punish wrongdoers and to protect good citizens (Rom. 13:3–4), as the head of the executive branch of the government. To vote for Mitt Romney is not to endorse his views of religion, but to support him politically.

I might also point out here that as far as I can see in Mr. Romney’s past political record, at no point has he promoted his Mormon views upon the people he has served. I cannot find a single instance where he has tried to impose unsound Mormon theology on those whom he has governed.

Second, they might object to voting for a moderate conservative, and prefer to vote for someone who better fits their own more conservative views. They might say this is “voting on principle,” suggesting that they are acting with strict integrity of conscience rather than making a pragmatic compromise.

Let me respond by asking some questions. Is it a compromise of principle to vote for someone who does not agree with your perspective 100%? If so, then it seems that you can only vote for yourself! No one shares the exact same principles. In fact, our system of government virtually requires people of varying principles to work together so that various branches and offices of the government cooperate efficiently.

Imagine three presidential candidates in 2020, one of whom is an unknown worker at a Kleenex factory, the second is a famous and experienced leader, and the third is a homicidal maniac wildly popular for his music videos. Mr. Kleenex holds almost the same views as you do. Mr. Leader is sometimes frustrating to you but holds similar views to you on several points. Mr. Homicidal Maniac is, well, you know. Does “voting on principle” mean you must vote for Mr. Kleenex, even though 99% of voters have never heard of him?

Someone might say that this is not a fair characterization of our choices in this election. Of course it is not. These are imaginary people, not an allegory. My point is that voting on principle does not mean disregarding a person’s experience or ability to win the election.

To consider practical matters when making decisions is wisdom. Our Lord Jesus acknowledged the wisdom of being careful to “count the cost” before engaging in a large economic or military endeavor (Luke 14:28–32). Our resources are precious. We must not throw them away if we know we cannot accomplish our goal.

Your vote is precious. Please do not throw it away when you could use it to defend our children against a future of abortion, sexual perversion, socialism, crushing debt, and tyranny.

The elections where we must press for solid, biblical, conservatives are the primaries. It is sad that we have so few options in the Republican Party that represent the wisdom of the Word. I personally would have chosen a different man for the Republican candidate. We must remedy that, and we can remedy that. But the 2012 primaries are history now.

In the election on Tuesday, we have only two realistic options. If you don’t vote for Romney, then you have helped Obama. And if a significant number of evangelical Christians do as you do, Obama will be elected. I could not live with my own conscience if I contributed, even by default, to electing a president who promoted same-sex marriage and baby-killing, which may well lead to the destruction of America. That’s why my conscience won’t allow me not to address this issue, and also won’t allow me not to vote for Mitt Romney.

It’s a close race, dear friends. Choose wisely. No election in recent history has been so important as this one. Your vote could make a world of difference.


  1. John Van Voorhis

    Excellently expressed. Precisely my own view. Thank you.

    • This is a quote that I agree with from a comment on Voddie Baucham’s Facebook wall..

      “If any person were being a good steward they would reject the system that rejects the message of Christ. Mitt Romney epitomizes everything Christians claim to despise in Obama.

      Obamacare? He wrote that.

      The NDAA and indefinite detention of Americans without due process? He supports that.
      Warrantless wiretaps and domestic spying? He supports the Patriot Act.

      Kill lists and Drone bombs? Romney supports those.

      Gay marriage and Abortion? Romney supports those. Bailouts of banksters and corporations that make bad products? Romney supports those too.

      So which is it Christian? Are you being a good steward or a Fox News lemming? There is no Christ in any of those things. Wake up!”

      • This is correct. Romney has more in common with Obama than I have with Romney…which is very little it appears. So, why would I vote for Romney and exactly why is a vote for Romney a vote for Obama? If Obama wins, do you consent to the winner, thus support him because you participated in the voting process and voted for someone who is not all that different from the winner? Politicians love statistics, Dr. Beeke. We shouldn’t give them any more reason to assume their murdering of innocents as Commander in Chief is acceptable.

      • Well said Tom. It is troubling how many Christians are rightly concerned with the lives of the unborn in America but seem utterly unconcerned with the lives of innocents overseas killed by our constant military interventions. The Bible speaks a lot about being peacemakers, overcoming evil with good and loving our enemies but many people who claim to follow Christ seem mostly concerned with killing America’s enemies.

        My conscience and common sense tell me that voting for either of these men is to vote for the status quo.

      • 2 Mark my words! I, Paul, tell you that if you let yourselves be circumcised, Christ will be of no value to you at all. 3 Again I declare to every man who lets himself be circumcised that he is obligated to obey the whole law. 4 You who are trying to be justified by the law have been alienated from Christ; you have fallen away from grace. 5 For through the Spirit we eagerly await by faith the righteousness for which we hope. 6 For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love. Galatians 5:2-6

        We need to share the Gospel to change the moral of the US not by legalisation . I can not vote for ether because of the lies and inability to lead. I will be voting third party to protest the choices given by the major parties.
        I have been very disappointed in Christians during this last year as they have shown hate and anger for anyone not voting Republican. I have even hear Christians questioning the salvation of other believers. Since it is by GRACE we are saved, not by works. This I believe is the direct connection to the way Fox News has infected the hearts of the His Church. We have become too concerned over works and morals and not the Gospel. As Christians we have our convictions given to us through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, then how should we expect the unsaved believe? It is time that Christians spend to time on change by spreading the Gospel, not spending time converting people to the republican party.
        As for the unsaved in the USA, they are given freedom through the Constitution to practise there faith or lack of it with the same rights as the Christian. The government of the United States of America, is to not interfere into the beliefs of its people.
        Grace, Grace, wonderful Grace.

        • Lindsay Long

          Amen!!! Thank you for expressing this point so ellequently!!! My husband and I feel the exact same way! This political season has been terrible and heart wrenching!
          I know there are other Christians who feel this way, and I think the votes will reflect it!

        • Dear Liz,

          The government may not interfer into the beliefs of its people. In fact, the government cannot do such, for only God knows the hearts and minds of people. However, the government may, and ought to put down those public expressions of false religion which blaspheme the God of Scripture and expose others to such things. Not only may the government do so, it is its duty. The Constitution is a fundamentally flawed document and -while it has many good parts- it is glaringly missing acknowledgement of The Lord Jesus Christ, and His propriety over the nations. The Constitution may not trump Scripture, so appealing to it for any “right,” when said “right” conflicts with the Scriptures is baseless according to the Bible. Yes, we should be concerned with the gospel. No, we should not be looking to the government for salvation. Government is not for the purpose of saving souls, that lies into God’s making effectual the powerful and orthodox preaching of His Word, but government *is* for the purpose of regulating public behavior for the good of the people and the stability of society. You are also correct, though, that hate and anger should not be shown toward any. It is a great sign of hatred not to promote the truth among our neighbors, and the truth is that God requires leaders “Kiss the Son,” and it behooves Christian folk not to vote for those who openly have promised to do otherwise.


      • Jonathan Bunnett

        Amen Tom!

      • JJJ

        Tom, some pretty weak generalizations. My guess is you were happy to find a place to cut-and-paste your Obama email.

        > Obamacare? He wrote that.
        Uh, no, he didn’t write it, you know that. As he’s stated numerous times, Romney opposes nationalization of the healthcare industry; that is quite different from states doing what they want in their own state (10th Amendment). Should be easy to understand for most people.

        > Patriot Act
        > Kill lists and Drone bombs
        I have 2 boys in military academies. War is nasty business. Not sure of your point here. You don’t want our guys to target our enemies in war?

        > Gay marriage and Abortion? Romney supports those.
        Uh, no. Do you know how to use Google?

        > Bailouts of banksters and corporations that make bad products?
        Uh, no. I think you have him confused with the outgoing President.

        > So which is it Christian? Are you being a good steward or a Fox News lemming? There is no Christ in any of those things. Wake up!

        To quote Dr. Mohler: “The stewardship of our vote demands that we support those candidates who most clearly and consistently share our worldview and combine these commitments with the competence to serve both faithfully and well.” That seemed to be Joel’s point as well. But, thanks for posting your Dem talking points; it’s encouraging to know that they’re so weakly formed.

        • I forgot to include this in my arguments below (an extension of the “not voting for Romney is a vote for Obama” lie. if you refuse to vote for Romney, you are secretly a supporter of Obama’s.

        • debra goerner

          Romney does support both Gay Marriage and Abortion….. He thinks that that these things should be voted on (Right, MA is a state where it is legal to marry a person of the same sex because the people voted for it) and he supports the same of abortion. I didn’t realize that murder is up to a vote from the people. If he said he wanted to take a vote on slavery would you vote for him!?

          • JJJ

            Such sloppy writing, the straw man technique is so popular now a days … “I didn’t realize that murder is up to a vote” … ‘ vote on slavery’. Never said or implied any of those things. Roe v Wade prohibits states from ‘voting’ on abortion; otherwise, we in Texas and in pretty much every other state could easily pass abortion laws. Most states would tie abortion to homicide law and cases would be tried as homicide with justifiable homicides (self-defense, accidents, etc). We already have homicide laws; we, the people need only to enforce them in cases of abortion. That’s why Romney is not pursuing legislation as president, he is Executive branch, not a legislator. Romney is taking the same road with abortion as Lincoln took with slavery; the people themselves will end it. We, the people, have bound ourselves to the Roe v Wade precedent, and Romney has said he wants it overturned by appointing judges. That’s the President’s main job in affecting abortion. Romney will also reinstate the ‘Mexico City’ international abortion funding ban that George W. had. There is absolutely no chance of any of this if Obama gets another four years; the most godly country in history really could come to an end if that happens. BTW, Romney does NOT support Gay Marriage and does NOT support abortion, holy cow, use Google. Please, be a good steward of your vote; we will be judged for our stewardship.

    • I didn’t read through all of the comments…but Daniel wasn’t exactly volunteering for service in Nebuchadnezzar’s administration.

      While I respect Dr. Beeke, I’m not sure I agree that the sole deciding factor is electability. Nearly every article written in support of Mr. Romney argues along this line. If this is true, then Christians need to begin a massive church planting operation in the states of Iowa and New Hampshire. No Republican will ever win the primary without a good showing in one of these two states. Imagine if the first primaries were Michigan and South Carolina. Our nominee would probably be evangelical.

      On a side note: I think someone should have taken the Romney/Ryan logo and redesigned it to read Mormon/Catholic. That’s what we are voting for next week.

      • Thank you for putting it so plainly. Lesser of two evils is not a “yes” vote nor is pragmatism necessarily a godly vote. In America a write in conscience vote is acceptable.

  2. Well said! Thank you, sir!

  3. Elizabeth J Ryniak

    God certainly has a controversy with our Nation. We must stand for the truth. Praying for the Election goes to Mitt. We are being destroyed by the one in office now and four more years will brng our nation to destruction. Without our Constitution kept in place we will suffer as never more. Thank you for your thought’s on this matter.

  4. Vernon Costolo

    Appreciate the article…I must say history shows that whoever is in office the debt we incur continues to grow and you see that same things happening over and over. We keep electing the same guy, he just has a different name. “We the people” must demand more from the people “we” put in office..not more of the same, that’s why we are in the shape we are in.

  5. Jennifer

    Thank you so much for your post– I really appreciate it and I am sharing it with others.

  6. Brother, I see a difference in Daniel serving Nebuchadnezzar as the one that the Lord set over him, as opposed to if Daniel had requested of the Lord that he would have Nebuchadnezzar to rule over him.

    Also, even stronger “pro life” republicans have not used the executive powers or influence to advance the cause of the unborn. Romney does not have a history of having done so at all. So, I need something more than his election season rhetoric to cause me to think that voting for him is voting for the unborn.

    The de facto two party system is killing America, because in every presidential election, we have a choice between the brother who says that he will not go and work (and doesn’t), and the brother who says that he will go and work (but also doesn’t). We can expect never to get better men or better candidates, as long as we keep voting for whatever the Republican party gives us, since they will think that they can perpetually count upon our votes, simply by using the correct rhetoric. This is why I believe that, taking a longer view, voting for Romney is not even politically expedient.

    Finally, I believe that the Lord Jesus rules over this, and every other, nation. I am acutely aware of the fact that I will stand before Him one day, and on that day I will have had all of my illusions stripped away, so that I rejoice in the honor of His name over any other joy. I do not wish to do so while answering for voting for a man who has held multiple public offices (bishop and state president in the Mormon church), the avowed doctrine of which is that Jesus is Lucifer’s spirit-brother. I would rather die.

    If the Lord gives me Romney (or Obama) as president, I will receive it as chastening, submit to and serve him, and redouble my efforts in the service of King Jesus. This is exactly what Daniel did in the illustration that you cited from Holy Scripture.

    I praise God for your multiple ministries, many of which are a direct blessing to me. Your blog is one of them.

    • Sheila

      Amen! Well stated, James.

    • Lizzie

      Amen! Very well stated, thank you.

    • Andrea Rhyne

      Amen, James!

    • Wiglaf

      I think your explanation, James, makes clear why Dr. Beeke’s portrayal of the “lesser evil” is not accurate. Both Romney and Obama are warmongering Keynesians. For both, political expediency is more important to them than truthfulness and principles. Even if Romney gets in, the probability of him being able to do anything about abortion is fairly small. A president is, however, commander in chief. Many deaths could be avoided with the right commander. Neither Romney nor Obama is it.

    • Jonathan Bunnett

      Amen James!

    • Parson

      James, you nailed it. It hit me a couple of weeks ago that I was more concerned about who I was voting against than who I was voting for. I realized that I had to vote for someone, so I voted for neither Republican nor Democrat.

    • Good thoughts, Sir.

  7. This is written with all due respect to Dr. Beeke, from whose insights I have benefited deeply from and who I hold in high regard, as a man who love Christ and His Word.

    I wonder why it is that we evangelicals continue to hold Romney up as someone who will have a positive impact on the issue of abortion? He specifically said on Oct. 10 of this year – about as current a sample as you can get from Romney’s shifting platform – ““There’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda,” (http://www.fortmorgantimes.com/politics-national/?third_party=romney-says-he-wont-pursue-abortion-laws).

    Since he has stated that he will intentionally not do anything about abortion doesn’t that mean, based on principles like Dr. Beeke’s, that conscience voters should seek someone who will?

    • Ray Paget

      And who might that someone else be? Precisely Dr. Beeke’s point. Do we not vote because we must have all or nothing? While presently Mr. Rommey may stand by his statements, he is more likely to be open to advancing more protections for the unborn than President Obama.

      • I don’t think there is any reason to believe Romney “is more likely to be open to advancing more protections for the unborn than President Obama” at all, at least not in any way grounded in his track record of platform. That’s blind faith in the same family as the kind that got Obama elected in the first place. James (above my initial post) is right on in a number of ways. As someone who wants something done about abortion (in a positive sense) I need a better candidate that Mitt Romney.

        • Andrea Rhyne

          Great info, Jeff! Totally agree with you!

        • The election of conservative justices is what would have the greatest effect on the legality of abortion. Who do you think is more likely to do so? Even if just as an effort to curry favor for his re-election?

        • Heather

          Romney may not try to overturn Roe v. Wade, BUT he won’t be aggressively pushing abortion like Obama is. Right now we need to stem the tide.

    • Chris Engelsma

      This election is less about Romney and more about ending the Obama administration. If you’re focusing on Romney, you’re focusing on the wrong guy.

      • Andrew Barnes

        The election is much less about Romney and much less about Obama and his administration. If you are focusing on Romney or Obama, you’re focusing on the wrong guy.

        What EVERYONE needs to be focused on is Yahweh, God Almighty and His Word. Vote your conscience 2 party, 3rd party, or what have you. The Lord alone is lord of the conscience, you must listen to Him and what He says because you will be judged for you live.

  8. Too bad he is acting from providence and not from duty/precept as God has revealed in His Word…seems he is more concerned about preserving the United States of America than to maintain God’s Standard in choosing a ruler. God has told us what happens when we as His people choose idolaters, which in HIS eyes is worse than sodomites and baby-killers, to be rulers over us…and it is from THAT perspective that we are to think and act.

    “Our rule of life is the commandment of the Lord, not the doubtful conclusions which may be drawn from providences.” – Charles Spurgeon

    “I deny not but you have cause to inquire what His providence speaketh in this to you; but God’s directing and commanding will, can by no good logic be concluded from events of providence.” — Samuel Rutherford

  9. GT

    All due respect here as well I must say when speaking of Romney You mean the guy who actually legalized Gay marriage as Governor? Signed a bill to fund educating kids about homosexuality for children in Kindergarten? Put planned parenthood on the health board when he was Governor? Approved tax payer funding for abortion ETC ETC. Romney did many of the thing as Governor that Obama only wants to do as President but has yet been able to.
    “Romney has far more respect for the right to life and for freedom of conscience than Obama” No he does not ,they both are fine with babies being murdered. One says kill all of them is ok, the other says kills some. You call that more respect? Really?
    He even said as noted in previous comments that abortion is not part of his agenda which means he won’t do a thing.
    Read romneys real record here. over 100 sources noted with links. This site is done by a pastor in Denver. He’ll even pay you $100 if you prove him wrong. If you really want to digest all the info here it will take you at least and hour to fully read it and comprehend. Don’t just skim over it.

    I am glad that Romans 13 is true God appoints powers not man.

    • Well put.

    • JJJ

      Read it. Lot of non-sequiters there. Romney has made it pretty clear he’s rolling Obamacare back, so, most of the article word-salad is void anyway; Romney is against nationalized health care, but, for the 10th Amendment of the constitution. That is good news for Texans like me. As for being pro-life; lots of us leave previous positions; Ronald Reagan also reversed on abortion like Romney. George W Bush stopped drinking. We believed them, right? The President is not a legislator; right now, we need judges who will overturn Roe v Wade, and, Romney says he will appoint pro-life judges. One guy has been actively promoting the reduction of our country’s influence in the world; the other guy says he’ll appoint pro-life judges, repeal Obamacare, etc. The second guy has a record of accomplishing what he says. Calling Romney ‘Evil’, as in, ‘lesser of 2 evils’, is just lazy prejudice.

  10. GT

    I vow to support Barack Obama if he ever runs against someone worse than him,
    because I will not compromise in my stance to always vote for the lesser of two evils.
    And if I do not support Barack Obama, I am only helping the greater evil get elected.

    Try to get your Romney friends to sign my pledge. They will if they’re the least bit consistent.

    • Bravo!

      • Pat

        I find it impossible to imagine ANYONE is worse than Obama. And I don’t think consistency is necessarily a virtue, or that voting for Obama in that case is an example of consistency.

  11. Dan Brooks

    I am personally voting for a conservative 3rd party candidate. Here’s why: I live in a solid red state (Alabama). There is no question that Romney will is going to win Alabama’s 9 delegates. Therefore, my vote for/against Romney will not make a difference in the outcome. Even though my one vote will be insignificant, I feel it will be better utilized in letting the Republican Party see that there ARE voters out there that want to see the GOP return to it’s conservative roots. I’m not voting for a man, but on the values that the man’s party supports.

    Does the apply to everyone? No. My brother lives in Florida, which is a huge battleground swing state. Because of all the reasons the author listed above, I certainly hope that he votes for Romney, as his vote has a much better chance of “making the difference” in his state than it will in mine. I have no premonitions that the winner will be a 3rd party candidate.

    Sure, some people might ask, “but what if everyone does as you do?”, well, they won’t. Don’t worry. It would have to be a much bigger movement (such as the Tea Party did two years ago) to make a difference in the national elections. And remember that the Tea Party did a good job at making the Republicans see the importance of returning to it’s *fiscally* conservative values. Now, I want to see the GOP to return to their *moral* conservative values, which is why I feel that my vote, in my state, will make the biggest impact by going to a 3rd party candidate. If you live in a swing state–DON’T do as I do!

    • EE

      Thank you Dan, its good to see someone living out the practical implications of their beliefs… I am in a solidly RED state, and if I don’t vote for Romney, he will still win in my region. Therefore, I am going to use this as an opportunity to vote for a 3rd party candidate. I believe that if we remain as a two party system for much longer, we will find ourselves in a very bad place in the next generation, and that our nation needs other parties in the mix to keep from having to decide between two radical extremes, both of which are not good for our country…

      I would really encourage everyone reading this blog who is an a RED state to consider voting third party. How is your vote going to make the most difference? Voting for the lesser of two evils who you don’t really support, but who is a better option than Obama? Or showing that there a few people out there willing to take risks and support a party that they can actually stand behind? (who actually care about abortion, remember, Romney changed his stance for the election) I believe that if we as voters can’t show that we have the backbone to vote for the best party, and establish the legitimacy of 3rd party candidates, then we will be consigned to a system of extremes, where we can expect that both candidates will be always be bad choices.

      I’m going to be sure to make my vote meaningful by voting 3rd party to provide hope for better choices in the future, and am not going to make my vote meaningless (in a RED state) in support of a broken two party system…

  12. Stephen

    Dr. Beeke wrote: “…we are not electing a pastor. We are electing the President of the United States. We do not live in a political system where the head of state leads the established religion of the nation. We live in a system of religious liberty where our Constitution says no religious test must be passed by a candidate for public office.”

    Is it fair to say our only options are either Erastianism or Antinomianism? I don’t think so. There is at least one other option which is the historic Protestant position which has support across the board in the Reformed Confessions. My opinion is that the Reformed & Presbyterian ministers have failed at their duty to preach to the magistrate. What we need is a solid band of fresh-blood Covenanter preachers carrying messages like the one quoted below by Rev. John Sawtelle:

    “It’s our duty to testify to all men that they owe submission to Jesus Christ and His Kingship; it is our duty to testify to all men that there is a King. It is not Caesar, it is not Barack Obama, it is not the Constitution of this United States of America, it is not autonomous reason, it is not self-interest, it is not capitalism, it is not philosophy, it is not academia. It is Jesus Christ, He’s the King. And our solemn obligation is to tell all men that there is this King and He requires their submission. ”

    Pastor John Sawtelle, Sermon on Christ’s Mediatorial Kingship.

  13. Phil

    “What would you say to the Lord on Judgment Day if He asks you, “Why didn’t you use your vote to stand for the millions of unborn boys and girls of America?””

    I doubt I will be able to say anything if that happens, but to men who ask why I have not “joined affinity” with Mitt Romney, I say I should not “help the ungodly, and love them that hate the Lord.” (2 Chron. 19)

    • GL

      And anyway, the Lord will not be asking about how we voted on Judgement Day. He will be looking to see if our names are written in the book of life because of the blood that His Son Jesus shed for our sins. He has already chosen the next president of the United States.

  14. Jim Upchurch

    My conscience was almost bound after reading this article. Thank God I remembered article 20.2 from the London Baptist Confession :”2. God alone is Lord of the Conscience, and hath left it free from the Doctrines and Commandments of men1 which are in any thing contrary to his Word, or not contained in it. So that to Believe such Doctrines, or obey such Commands out of Conscience, is to betray true liberty of Conscience; and the requiring of an implicit Faith, and absolute and blind Obedience, is to destroy Liberty of Conscience, and Reason also.”

  15. dirk

    Although I am a Canadian and cannot vote as such this vote is very important for us also. I agree with pastor Beeke whole heartely especialy with the presidents stance on abortion. Redistribution of wealth is the same as theft, his dealings with Nethanyahu are ignorant and corrupt no time for Nethanyahu but yet time to go on the Dave Letterman show. His slowly dismanteling of the army he should be tried for treason, the only thing we can do here in Canada is pray if God will take this curse from us and that we do daily.

  16. I’m a little surprised and saddened by the tone of this post. While I do understand this point of view, it was written as if those who differ from this pattern of thinking are really deficient in logical thought or biblical understanding–as if it’s logically very simple and clear and biblically there is only one possible point of view and therefore this issue doesn’t require that much mental effort.

    Is it that simple though? What about the arguments about Christians “choosing the lesser of two evils?” The essence of that phrase is “choosing evil.” Shall we ever choose evil? Might we suffer the greater evil (which is presumed to be Obama) if we don’t choose the lesser evil (of Romney)? Yes. But don’t we also believe that the evil of choosing evil is a greater evil than the evil of suffering? How is this not doing the (“lesser”) evil that good may come? If the question is not “Is Romney or Obama the lesser evil?” but rather the question is “Is it a greater evil to choose the lesser evil or a greater evil to suffer for refusing to make such a choice?” then couldn’t our consciences be swayed in a different direction?

    I had a very interesting discussion on my facebook page yesterday about this topic. (If anyone wants to read it, please feel friend to send a friend request.) It began with this:

    “If it’s true that most of the people voting next week are voting for what they believe is the “lesser evil” because it’s the only power they have, then it’s also true that the single most disenfranchised group in America today is not a group that shares color, or ideals, or gender, or socio-economic status. The most disenfranchised group in America is the ‘none of the abovers.’”

    This leads to another argument that isn’t addressed in this post. Is it right to acquiesce to a “false dilemma” in the voting box or to fault those who refuse to fall prey to it? Wouldn’t it be better to acknowledge the real problem that we have right now and work creatively to solve it? The real problem isn’t our disagreement about which candidate is worse (though we tend to get stuck there). The real immediate problem is that we are not really being heard that we don’t like ANY of the choices (and that’s true at the Primary level as well). The result in the Christian community is this “battle of the bible verses” and division where there ought to be unity.

    It’s not just about Christians though. In this we share unity with (I believe) most of the country. How many people are voting for any candidate out of a true belief in that candidate? Who is preferentially choosing a leader vs. simply preferentially choosing a candidate because it’s the only way they feel they can have a voice at all?

    What if all who feel that none of the choices are good were to band together and acknowledge that most of the voters in this country have been effectively disenfranchised because there is no valid way for them to be heard? What if, in four years, that group of people did a massive write in for “none of the above?” What if on election night four years from now, the TV was reporting district after district that had been won by “None of the Above”? It really could shake things up. It might cause someone, somewhere to consider legislation that demands that if “None of the Above” wins the vote that all the candidates are disqualified and it’s back to the drawing board.

    We live in a country that makes this possible. So why aren’t we taking advantage of our opportunities? And what about this argument vs. ~yet another~ election where Christians are shamed into voting for the lesser of two evils?

    One last argument that I have not heard addressed in this post. The issue of integrity. I see a form of integrity promoted in this post directed at particular issues like abortion, debt, and duty to country, etc. Isn’t there a deeper integrity that should be addressed though? What about the integrity of the vote itself? What does it mean to “vote”? Didn’t our Constitution (its other problems aside for a moment) have in mind that voting would express “the will of the people” in choosing their leaders–their representatives? One can represent another without being exactly like the one they represent…husbands do this all the time, don’t they? We choose those to represent us based on what we consider to be an acceptable degree of affinity.

    If the people cannot cast their votes with this kind of honesty and integrity then can they be said really to be voting? Can the candidate who “wins” be said to be the real choice of the people? Is this honest? If it’s not honest then does it meet the standard of the 9th Commandment? Is this even American? More to the point, couldn’t this line of thinking lead to a conclusion that the most American thing to do right now is to vote only for someone who really represents your will or else to write in “none of the above”? And maybe, because of the issue noted that at this time there is no real voice unless you vote for one of the candidates offered, couldn’t a non-vote also be a viable option this election for someone of integrity, honesty and patriotism? Isn’t this the deeper integrity as a rational being and also as both and American and a Christian? I think that could be argued.

    So while I respect that we all must vote–or not–according to our fully persuaded consciences, I think it’s important to acknowledge that not every conscience is grappling with the same questions.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and for reading mine.

    • EE

      Yes! Thank you Susan! That is exactly the issue we are facing… So many people are consigned to vote for the lesser of two evils, all thinking they are stuck in the system. I wish we could all look up and see that a silent majority are doing the same thing. We have to break out of this and put forth candidates that are voteworthy, and vote for candidates that “won’t win”, until people start looking up and realizing that if they actually voted they could make a difference. Right now, by voting for the lesser of the evils, we are establishing a culture of votes “not making a difference” but instead perpetuating a system none of us believe in or want… how sad.

      • Hi, EE… I totally agree about the culture we’re creating with our voting practices now. It’s dangerous ground really. It feeds tyranny in government and helplessness in the public. That is the path to deadly consequences. Wouldn’t it be grand to have a “none of the above” box to check? It’s a way to have our voice heard so that our votes aren’t either wasted or are used for something less than what we really desire. Of course not everyone who would vote “none of the above” would do so for the same reason or have the same criteria for who ~would~ be acceptable, but at least it has the potential to bring some real change to a system that gives us unacceptable choices in voting. Unacceptable candidates and unacceptable dilemma of either choosing one we don’t like or sitting down and being quiet. Thanks for reading my long post. I didn’t know if anyone would make it through. : )

    • simplicity with Matt (earlier) and now brilliant elaboration with Susan. Thank you.

      • Thank you, Elsie, for taking the time to read that long post. : )

    • Ditto. 🙂

  17. Sorry, I suppose the right word would have been “appointment”.

  18. Thanks for this challenge Joel. I’ve been encouraging our church family that it is their privilege to vote as Americans and as Christians their responsibility to vote according to Biblical principles.

  19. I thought God elected President’s? Nothing can thwart His eternal unchangeable decree so why even vote? Sit and pray that God’s chastening hand upon us will lift, and then Joel Beeke can run for President and we will know God’s will for sure.

  20. “The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but those things which are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.” – Deut. 29:29

    Dear Pastor,

    As you well know, “Duty is ours. Consequences are God’s.” Godly ends are not to be procured by the use of unlawful means (WLC 105). That is, I suppose, the crux of the matter: Is voting for Mr. Romney an unlawful mean?

    “Thou shalt have no other gods before me,” – Yahweh, Ex. 20

    If this applies to all men without exception (and I am confident that you believe such), how much more so does it apply to a magistrate? Of course, what I am getting at is not only is Mr. Romney himself the practitioner of a wicked religion (the true God brooks no competitors), but he has vowed (as have all of the other candidates, to my knowledge) to perpetuate the pluralistic practices called “freedom of religion.” This is a wicked thing.

    “Thou shalt not murder.” – God of the Scriptures, Ex. 20

    Further, Mr. Romney is not pro-life, just a little less “pro-choice.” How can we countenance murder of the unborn when said unborn one is a result of rape or incest. How is that even conscionable to a “civilized” nation? It is not. It is most grievous, and is the sacrifice to our modern Molech which goes by the name of convenience.

    What would Mr. Romney’s (or any magistrate) duty be according to the 5th Commandment as a magistrate?
    Q. 129. What is required of superiors towards their inferiors?
    A. It is required of superiors, according to that power they receive from God,
    and that relation wherein they stand, to love, pray for, and bless their inferiors;
    to instruct, counsel and admonish them; countenancing, commending, and
    rewarding such as do well; and discountenancing, reproving, and chastising
    such as do ill; protecting, and providing for them all things necessary for soul
    and body: and, by grave, wise, holy, and exemplary carriage, to procure glory
    to God, honor to themselves, and so to preserve that authority which God
    hath put upon them.

    Col. 3:19; Titus 2:4; 1 Sam. 12:23; Job 1:5; 1 Kings 8:55-56; Heb. 7:7; Gen.
    49:28; Deut. 6:6-7; Eph. 6:4; 1 Pet. 3:7; 1 Pet. 2:14; Rom. 13:3; Esther 6:3; Rom.
    13:3-4; Prov. 29:15; 1 Pet. 2:14; Job 29:12-17; Isa. 1:10, 17; Eph. 6:4; 1 Tim. 5:
    8; 1 Tim. 4:12; Titus 2:3-5; 1 Kings 3:28; Titus 2:15.

    How can a man who himself refuses to kiss the Son (Ps. 2) rightly “instruct, counsel and admonish” his people, if he does not even “discountenance, reprove, and chastise” his own false religion by repenting of such? Of course I understand that we are not a Christian nation. We never have been. And the poor beginning has been the undoing of since that time.

    No one is expecting perfection in a candidate, but as Christians who would render one worthy of our vote, we should at least expect direction (direction, not perfection). But Mr. Romney’s campaign is not going into the right direction. Fundamentally he cannot unless he repents of promoting a false religion, countenancing murder of the unborn, pretending that some things which pertain to public morality aren’t under the sphere of civil government.

    It is one thing to vote for a fallen man, who confesses his fallenness and need for the Lord Jesus Christ, who vows to rule “justly, and in the fear of God,” while yet acknowledging his human-ness. It is quite another to vote for a man who professes a false religion and has vowed to perpetuate the public freedom of said religions to openly blaspheme and pretend competition to the God of the Scriptures. I am willing to grant that most professing Christians would do so out of ignorance, pragmatism, etc.

    What I find most disappointing, I suppose, is not that you’ve said it is fine to vote for Mr. Romney. Rather, it is that you have taken it a step higher and, in essence, sought to bind the consciences of those of us who refuse to vote for one of two publicly-professing-to-perpetuate-evil men by suggesting that we *ought* to vote for him and failure to do such is “remaining silent while millions of lives are snuffed out each year.” This, truly, is an unfair characterization and, quite surprising.

    I mean you no disrespect, Dear Pastor, and I hope that I am not coming across as too-big-for-my-britches in addressing you. I also would like to thank you for all of your work in the field of Reformed & Puritan literature. Your contributions in that field and in the training of ministers is a great help to the Kingdom of Christ.

    With Humility (not nearly enough, though) and Due Respect to Your Office,


  21. Mr. Bosch,

    Those are incredibly harsh words and I do not see how they can help anyone taking Dr. Beeke’s position along.

  22. Little Sheep

    Thank you Dr. Beeke for sharing your perspective on the upcoming election.

    Mr. Obama’s time in the Whitehouse has proven to be a 4 yr communist train wreck & another 4 yrs of this will definitely contribute to the nations further unravelling. Up until recently I hadn’t planned to vote for any candidate because I didn’t believe Mr. Romney was politically very conservative but I’ve changed my position based on a couple things. That does not mean I now think Mr. Romney is superior in every way or even close to being perfectly honest. I think some Christians are confusing ‘worthiness’ with competency in this election. Neither candidate is worthy of such an office, but one has definitely demonstrated greater competency.

    Firstly, Mr. Obama has worked for the govt. all his life, he’s never ever started his own business or another’s business, nor has he ever run one for someone else. His entire resume is govt. funded jobs where he worked on tax payer funded payrolls. He’s never had a comapanies financial success & fiscal survival depend on his wise or unwise decision making. Mr. Romney on the other hand as started business’, run them & successfully caused them to prosper & grow. He understands that it’s companies that create jobs, not the govt. This is a fundamental difference between these two men & their records support this.

    Secondly, a woman recently said to me, if you saw someone leave 6 newborn babies laying in the road & a semi truck was heading full steam straight for them would you walk away because you couldn’t save all 6? Wouldn’t you at least rush & pluck up the 3 or 4 you could carry & save some?

    That spoke volumes because that’s the difference between Mr. Obama & Mr. Romney. Mr Obama leaves all those babies behind, whereas although Mr. Romney is not promising to save all, he will try to at least save some!

  23. Len

    Notice it says “the most” in regards to Conservative candidates not the “lesser of the two evils”or were not “voting for a Pastor” which both evade the issue of Christian and Judeo-Constitutional Conservatism:


    I will vote for the most pro-life candidate, because God hates the shedding of innocent blood (Prov.6:17).

    I will vote for the most pro-Israel candidate, because God blesses those who bless Israel & curses those who don’t (Gen.12:3).

    I will vote for the most pro-debt r…eduction candidate, because the borrower is servant to the lender (Prov.22:7).

    I will vote for the most pro-work candidate because God says if a man does not work, let him not eat. (2Thess.3:10)

    I will vote for the most pro-marriage candidate, because God is for marriage as defined in (Genesis 2:24).

    I will vote for the candidate who most closely believes government’s purpose is to reward the good & punish the evil (Romans 13).

    I will vote for the candidate most closely based on God’s Word and as I can on God’s Word (2 Tim.3:16, 17); knowing that whoever gets elected, God is the one who puts all men in authority (Dan.2:21), and I, along with them, will be held accountable. We have an awesome responsibility!

    If every person who says they are Christian and Conservative who voted on the basis of the Judeo-Christian Constitution that is based on God’s Word alone, only one of the 6 candidates (Virgil Goode) meet this critique, not Obama nor Romney!

  24. Jonathan

    So, if a Catholic ran for office, would that also be voting against conscience? As Dr. Beeke said, “However, we are not electing a pastor. We are electing the President of the United States. We do not live in a political system where the head of state leads the established religion of the nation. We live in a system of religious liberty where our Constitution says no religious test must be passed by a candidate for public office.” Also, if your not voting for Romney is supporting Obama, than your voting for a 3rd party candidate is also voting against your conscience.

    • Grace

      Dr. Beeke, what would the Puritans say?

      • KB

        I’m not sure the Puritans would be lining up at the ballot box to vote for Mitt Romney. What was the indictment God have Israel in Hosea 8:4? It was that they didn’t consult him regarding a king, and that they appointed princes without his approval. Seems to me as we prepare to vote we need to 1) Consult God in the Word and prayer; and 2) Vote for a candidate that would meet God’s approval. This post argues that Mitt has a “more” biblical view on abortion, homosexuality, and spending. Perhaps. But are those the only issues that God is concerned about in this election, so much so that Mitt fits the bill?

    • Jonathan

      Let me rephrase this. Suppose Rick Santorum had won the primary, and he’s running against Obama in the general election. His voting record as well as what he says clearly shows that he’s prolife, and profamily. But he’s a Catholic. He agrees with you on everything, except for his religion. How can you then vote not vote for him?

  25. Mr. Bosch,

    These words violate the fifth commandment. You should openly and publicly repent from them, and seek Dr. Beeke’s forgiveness.

    Mercy, O LORD.

    Mike Waters
    Heritage Reformed Baptist Church

    • Benjamin,

      The fifth commandment is, “Honor your father and mother,” which includes “the preserving the honor and performing the duties belonging to every one, in their several places and relations, as superiors, inferiors, or equals” (Shorter Catechism). Dr. Beeke is a minister of the gospel and God’s gift to His people. Regardless if you agree with him or not, we must speak with respect. Benjamin, you are obviously a very intelligent man who is very capable of expressing himself. Your words would have greater weight if they were tempered with honor and respect.

      May the Lord cause His face to shine upon you.

      Mike Waters
      Heritage RBC

      • Benjamin Bosch

        From Luther’s Small Catechism:
        “The Fifth Commandment.

        Thou shalt not kill.

        What does this mean?–Answer.

        We should fear and love God that we may not hurt nor harm our neighbor in his body, but help and befriend him in every bodily need [in every need and danger of life and body].”

        I am Missouri Synod-Lutheran. Different numbering of the Commandments.

    • Richard

      Mike, nothing in Benjamin’s statements requires him to repent. I left a church because the preaching was “deplorable” and I shared my sentiment with others. That’s simply stating an observation and opinion. Now if Benjamin had personally attacked Joel without cause or basis, that would be different. And yes, if someone is telling someone else to go against their conscience, that would be causing someone to stumble and be a sin. Respectfully, Richard

  26. Mike Gridley

    Did our last “pro-life” president end, or even dent abortion on demand?

  27. Matthew

    I agree with James and Jeff on this… Romney’s stated “stances” have to be weighed also with his actual political history (in which he has never made any pro-life effort) and his religious beliefs (which is Mormonism). When looking at Romney’s past, others (like myself) can not believe that he will stand for the principles that so many Christians are convinced that he will stand for, despite Romney’s political rhetoric. There is ample reason to believe that he be no better for the nation than Obama.

  28. Tony Green

    At least you have a choice,in our country New Zealand we do not have a choice.Both our main political parties support abortion,same sex marriage,prostitution and both leaders claim to be atheists!!!

    • Joel

      We don’t have a choice either, Tony Green, despite what pastor Beeke may say. The reality is, there is no difference in substance between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Both are ungodly and anti-Christian; both are pro-abortion; both support same-sex “marriage”; both favor amnesty and heavy immigration policies; both are neo-Keyenesian in their economic outlook; both have received large campaign donations from Goldman Sachs and other banking/Wall Street interests; both believe in unconstitutional, warrantless wire-tapping, spying and the indefinite detention of any citizen even suspected of terrorism (NDAA); both support murder through drone strikes and secret “kill lists”; both believe in preemptive wars of aggression; both promise deficits and increased debt; both.believe in large, centralized government and regulation. Neither believes in the U.S. Constitution or the free market system.

      While there are no doubt differences in style and rhetoric between the two, these differences remain a matter of degree, not of kind. In the end, both represent the same thing. We may have an illusion of choice, but in reality we have no choice at all.

  29. Christopher de Vidal

    Every one of these “Christians should vote Romney” articles is founded upon a bad presupposition: “I think that we all would also agree that either President Barack Obama or Governor Mitt Romney will win the election. (..) It is just a statement of fact.”

    Question: Do we serve the God of David vs. Goliath and of Gideon, who was told he had too many men for victory (Judges 7:2)?

    What if Christians back a godly candidate, and your sovereign Father allowed the campaigns of Romney and Obama to collapse overnight?

    What if Christians back a godly candidate who loses to Obama, but then your sovereign Father so blesses their choice by moving Obama to be the Christian’s greatest advocate? “The king’s heart is a stream of water in the hand of the LORD; he turns it wherever he will.” (Proverbs 21:1 ESV)

    What if Christians back a godly candidate and revival sweeps the land? Might not more people join us?

    Exo 18:21 tells me five of God’s requirements for a civil servant. God-fearing is one. Because neither fears God I’m going to trust the God of Gideon and of David vs. Goliath, and choose a candidate who meets these criteria. Haven’t fully researched to see who that is, but I believe he’s out there.

    Finally — all this debate over politics: Is it wise? Remember that revival is 100,000 times more effective than politics. Even secular historians acknowledge we wouldn’t have the American Revolution without the Great Awakening. More than anything else, pray, fast, and obey Jesus: “Go and make disciples.”

    • Very good stuff, Christopher.

    • otrmin


      First of all, David was well experienced in his sling shot. He was a shepherd, and thus, had to use his slingshot regularly, and thus was not simply going out against Goliath on a whim. Also, in the case of Gideon, Gideon had direct revelation from God as to what he was going to do. Unless you have direct revelation from God as to what is going to happen, the situation is not parallel.

      Secondly, yes, God could change the heart of Obama, but he could also change the heart of Romney. So, in essence, your argument works both ways.

      Finally, if you really believe this fatalistic notion, then simply make a promise to all of us that, if either Mitt Romney or Barack Obama wins on Tuesday, and no one else is even close, you will promise to vote democrat or republican in the next election. Hey, if you have faith that God will cause these campaigns to dissolve overnight, then you have nothing to loose.

      Also, I might note that your use of Exodus 18 is totally misguided. In Exodus 18, you are dealing with *one* leader, Moses, *choosing* who will lead the nation of Israel *under his authority.* Such is hardly parallel to our modern situation in which we cannot *choose* our leaders. At best, we, as Christians, can influence that choice. Hence, again, the situation is not parallel. If only evangelical Christians were voting, and their vote got to *determine* who the next president would be, then I would say that Exodus 18 would apply. However, the two situations simply are not parallel when we can only influence that choice in a minor way.

      I would also add one more thing to what Joel Beeke said. Barack Obama has been one president who has assaulted our religious freedoms far more than any other. Where I am going here is the centrality of the Gospel. If it is, indeed, the case that any vote for a third party candidate is basically a non-vote, and is basically works in favor of Obama, then such a vote would be grossly unwise because it would jeopardize our legal right to proclaim the Gospel. Given the centrality of the Gospel to what is found in the scriptures, voting for a third party candidate is simply not taking into account the value system of the scriptures. It is the gospel which will save this society, and any vote that jeopardizes the legality of the gospel is a vote that is working directly against the value system of the scriptures.

  30. Ed

    If the Republican party was truly pro-life, where were they in the years when they
    controlled both houses of Congress and the executive? Mr. Romney is not anti-abortion, as GT has thoroughly documented. Does anyone really believe his election will end forty years of abortion on demand? We’re being played like a generation of well meaning suckers. He is pro-war though. If one examines his foreign policy team you’ll find the same tired neo-con bunch that led us to disaster in Iraq and Afghanistan. Read Romney’s bombastic statements regarding Iran where he threatens more war-like belligerence than even Obama. Will WWIII be hokey-dokey with the Christian community? How about deficits? Yes – Ryan’s plan could help, but only a little, and over a TEN year period? Who believes any plan over ten years, especially when a real monetary collapse is staring us in the face as we speak? “No election in recent history has been so important as this one. ” – Seems like I’ve heard that trite phrase before,..oh yeah ’08, ’04, ’00,… Rom. 13 indeed teaches us to submit to and support the governing authority. Our presidents are not the equivalent to kings or Caesars, but Constitutionally are chief administrators. OUR governing authority is the Constitution – the Supreme Law. We are a people governed by LAW, not MEN, and Romney (like Obama) has renounced the Constitution by way of his support for things like the Patriot Act (eviscerates the 4th and 1st Amendments) and the 2012 NDAA (obliterates due process and habeous corpus) He contends that as President he would have Hitlerian powers over American citizens. He (and Obama) are openly enemies to our earthly sovereign – the Constitution. How can any Christian place human political expediency ahead of God’s explicit command to support our republic’s demands? America has permitted itself to be bought with Satanic-socialist-utopian lies of heaven on earth many years ago. No, Christian, America has brought itself to a point where pain is now inevitable. Get used to the notion. Instead, why not do what we’re called to do, and be a light to politically naive citizens, and point to a better way than the “lesser of two evils”? Let’s be wise as serpents, and stop being gamed every four years by the phoney Republi-crat dichotomy. Don’t vote for Rombama or Obamney. Make a third choice for another candidate – or don’t vote at all! Let the two-headed party know you won’t play their game any more!

    • Pat

      The Republican Party isn’t a monolith. It is made up of many different kinds of people. There are plenty of us who are “cleaning house” but it takes time. The leadership is still largely RINO, and that has to change. One MAJOR reason is because so many people who would have salted the party have left and gone to third parties. I saw the change in emphasis when these people started to leave in large numbers. Unfortunately (perhaps), our system is a two party system, and it will require some major changes to undo that, and no recent election has provided a suitable vehicle. I agree with those who wrote that third parties need to get local and state people elected FIRST, before trying to field a separate candidate for President.

      When the government ignores the Constitution, then you have to look at other considerations. Yes, character is vitally important. Obama doesn’t “flip-flop”. He just lies about his true intentions, and about his actions. He also has the blood of millions of unborn children on his hands, not to mention the blood of Christians and other people in the Middle East. Benghazi was the last straw. He doesn’t support the rights of anyone but himself.

      I won’t support ANYONE who SAYS he favors abortion. I don’t care if he is consistent or has “character” or not.

      Indeed, many of us aren’t playing the Republican (RINO) game anymore. But getting rid of RINOs takes time. They became firmly entrenched. We NEED people like you to help us clean house. Everyone who abdicates is part of the problem.

      I doubt if I can reach you, but maybe someone reading your comments will think twice about what you are saying.

  31. John Schelling

    I would like to pose a question to those who are constantly hand wringing about our current two party system.

    If you are hand wringing about the faults of the current Republican party, (which I will acknowledge has many), can you honestly say you have been praying diligently for, and working diligently within the party, to affect the change you lament is absent, or have YOU been absent, and now bemoan, with principled indifference to our current monumental national problems, the state the republican party is in?

    It is relatively easy to stake out a moral high ground, it is much more difficult to get down in the politically dirty trenches, to affect a change in the minds and hearts of our fellow citizens and leaders.

    If you find your perfect political party are you going to be happy simply being in it, or are you then willing to go out to grow it to the point that will be able to affect the change we need in this nation? If you are, why not take an existing party and reform it?

    The “principled” Christian’s search for the “perfect” candidate in a fallen world, is just as futile as the liberals search for earthly utopia.

  32. Melissa

    http://www.epm.org/blog/2012/Nov/1/election-2012-part-7 Another Christian responds to some of the same objections raised in the comment section here.

  33. Charlie

    Tom, when you come on here and lie about Romney’s views, you are only fooling the ignorant, who by definition are already voting for Obama.

    Joel, I agree. A vote for Romney is the only way to slow the decline of our great nation and give us time to correct the situation. We cannot afford four more years of $1.5 Trillion dollar deficits.

    • Joel

      Charlie: “We cannot afford four more years of $1.5 Trillion dollar deficits.”

      And yet Paul Ryan’s own budget plan calls for deficits until 2040. That’s right: Ryan’s so-called “radical” budget plan won’t even balance the budget for another 28 years.

      Tom’s criticisms of Romney are accurate. You have more homework to do.

  34. I consider Obama to be the worst Preisdent ever, however that does NOT justify voting ofr a man who worships a false God. There is NO biblical case for doing so. To think Romeny will balance the budget or be pro-life or do anything in any way Biblical is to be incredibily naïve regarding his politics.

    Many Evangelicals are supporting Romney because they mistakenly believe that he supports Biblical values such as the sanctity of life and traditional marriage and in fact Romney’s web site does say those things.

    However here are the facts:
    After he supposedly switched to a Pro-Life position Romney signed his health care legislation into law which provided state provided funding FOR abortions.

    Romney has stated four exceptions where he SUPORTS THE MURDER OF CHILDREN.

    Romney has withdrawn support from staunchly pro-life Senate candidate and pulled Republican money from him.

    Romney has NEVER ONCE passed or supported ANY pro-life legislation in his political career.

    Romney is currently running ads in the swing states saying that he won’t change any current abortion laws and emphasizing the reason he allows murdering children.
    Romney stated three weeks ago in Iowa that he would support NO PRO-LAW. None.

    Now, ask yourself a simple question: Does this sound like a pro-life candidate to you or does it sound like a liar?

    Romney also says he supports traditional marriage. However, he supported civil unions in his state as governor. He NOW says, but did not say at the time, that the courts forced him to do so. Political analysts on both sides of the issue today say that this was not true that the courts DID NOT force Romney to support this.

    Romney supports to this day allowing homosexual couples to adopt children.

    Romney said last month that organizations like the Boy Scouts should allow homosexual leaders.

    Again, it is a simple question: Does this man support traditional values or is he a liar?

    The ONLY reason Christians have given to support this cultist who worships a false god is that they believe he is pro-life and supports traditional values. His words, actions and track record say that isn’t correct and that he has simply lied to you and fooled you.

  35. John Schelling

    Is there an “annointed/chosen” candidate is this election? How did you arrive at that answer?

  36. DMG

    One might as well abstain from voting every time. When has anyone truly voted for a man who had come to repentant faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior? Whom was your last presidential vote for? How about other ballots you have cast? Again, what candidates have ever proclaimed Jesus is Lord? What gods have you supported in the past with your vote is this is how a political election is viewed? (ie: the co-redemptrix god of Catholicism?…etc)

    Whom is it that does not vote? Jehovah’s Witnesses?

  37. Erik Casey

    While most are telling Reformed Christians to vote for the lesser evil in Mitt Romney, rather than the greater evil in Obama, if the Godly Puritan Jeremiah Burroughs was here he would say that voting for either the lesser or the greater evil was sinful:
    The fifth Premise is that “we are never given the ability to choose between two sins one the lesser and one the greater but must still choose the greatest affliction imaginable.” True in regard of the evil of affliction, we may choose the least because though one sin is less that another, yet the least sin can never come under the notion of good comparatively, though never so great evils, yet comparatively they may be good. Yet sin can have no goodness any way comparatively. Therefore of two evils, we must not choose the least, and that in this sense” Because sin is itself sinful. 2. And because choosing the least sin can never be a means to prevent the greater, but rather to make way for the greater. And brethren observe it (for it may be useful in the course of your lives) God never brings any man or woman to choose this or that sin . When two sins shall stand in competition, we may conceit such straits to ourselves, yet there are no such real straits.” ” Taken from Jeremiah Burroughs, Evil of Evils, Soli Deo Gloria.

  38. How can one honestly ever vote for one to be responsible for thousands when they allow their own soul perish? It is a violation of biblical and Presbyterian principles to appoint any one but a godly man to rule our country–to do this is to work against the prayer of our Lord, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Romney is an antichrist and so is Obama. America needs a Christ-fearer in office. Pray He raises one up. Admonish the magistrate. Feed His sheep.

  39. Steve

    Why my conscience won’t let me not respond to this: 1) Jesus was a much bigger socialist than Obama: he asked you to give up all your possessions to follow him; he spent his time with criminals, the poor, and the outcast; he brought the Gentiles into his circle; he refers to his followers as sheep (not rich and poor or upper and lower class), etc.; 2) Seriously, trying to cite a bible verse to oppose asking the rich to do their fair share? It’s been some time since I was in church, but I’m fairly sure the Bible is abundantly clear on Jesus’ position on helping the poor through alms, love, and you giving up your wealth to follow him…; 3) worst example of oxymoron ever: “moral evil”…it’s like vanilla chocolate…it doesn’t compute; 4) Romney and Obama’s positions on abortion are not that different and Romney has tried to distance himself from Ryan’s position to get back to the middle; 5) do you imagine yourself waging some moral holy war for God in this election? God makes it fairly clear that he doesn’t much care about politics in the big scheme of things (give to Caesar…) relative to you giving up all and following him. Not too many christians in this country living up to that one…maybe you should spend more time worrying about that?; 6) Bible verses: not too long ago folks cited Bible verses to defend slavery and the subjugation of women (and yes, there are verses to cite)..I’m guessing your personal ethos has moved on with the rest of society? So citing a verse or two to bolster one position is kind of meaningless…should we stone every child that disrespects his parents?; 7) Judge not…the other ~50% of the country. Good thing I’m not bound by the precepts of the bible, but I think you might be? I could go on, but given what we know about people’s natural resistance to having their beliefs challenged, it would seem kind of silly…

    • Joel


      Your arguments are nonsense. Most are too silly to even respond to. You admit you don’t go to church and I’m sure you don’t do a lot of Bible reading or studying either, despite your claims of being “sure” what it says. In short, you’re out of your league.

      Let me clue you in: The Bible does not teach socialism:


      • Joel

        No, your point is incorrect. The Word of God does not contradict itself. As the great 20th century theologian and philosopher Gordon Clark said, Biblical paradox is nothing more than “a charley-horse between the ears that can be eliminated by rational massage.”

        Steve, you have eyes yet you cannot see. All of these contradiction you *think* you see are reconciled when the rules of grammar, logic and context are observed and a systematic approach is used.

        For example, in your first post you claim Christ was a bigger socialist than Obama because he asked his followers to forsake all and follow him. Your very simple, juvenile error is in not recognizing the difference between an individual/spiritual calling and wealth redistribution by a government body. Christians are commanded to be selfless and charitable, yes, but this in no way logically translates to an endorsement of the coercive, socialist state.

        You’re not finding socialism taught in Scripture. What you are doing is *twisting* the words of Scripture for your own devious purposes. And contrary to what you say, these faulty interpretations do not represent a defect in the source, but rather a defect in your own reasoning.

  40. Erik Casey

    May I sin that grace abounds?

    The Bible tells us “You shall not follow the masses in doing evil,” (Exd 23:2). It is clear to me that if I participate in putting a man who hates Jesus in leadership over me, my family, and Church, I have participated in doing what is evil in the sight of the Lord. How can my participation honor or glorify my Saviour?

    (1Ti 5:22) – “Do not lay hands upon anyone too hastily and thereby share responsibility for the sins of others; keep yourself free from sin.” Yes, I know that this passage speaks of electing Church officials, but I think we can all agree that the principle is applicable in all cases, even the civil realm. It is for this reason I strongly disagree with Beeke’s desire to involve more people in this election.

    Men are not given liberty to do what is right in their own eyes because they become politicians. Why are pastors today encouraging us to ally ourselves with Egypt when we should be rebuking our civil leaders and even warning them of the consequence of their rebellion. I have never read of God encouraging or blessing His people who look to Egypt for help. I glorify God by trusting in Him and His promises of blessing if I obey His commandments.

    The Bible tells us that our political leaders are our Spiritual leaders. This truth is proven ad nauseam in the books of Kings and Chronicles. (1Ki 16:2) – “Inasmuch as I exalted you from the dust and made you leader over My people Israel, and you have walked in the way of Jeroboam and have made My people Israel sin, provoking Me to anger with their sins…”

    The use of the fallacious argument of “appealing to emotion” is disappointing. There are no grounds, that I am aware of, that would incline me to believe Romney would remove Roe v. Wade. After 40 years, both parties have had ample opportunity to outlaw murdering unborn children. Child murder is one of the most fundamental doctrines of false religion. We are going to see more sacrificing to Moloch in the future.

    More important is not what is said but what is not said. By focusing on the pagan or carnal solution [voting] to our problem, the biblical solution is ignored. All the problems in our society are symptoms or curses from God. The murder of our children, the theft of our wealth, etc. is God’s way of turning His people back to Him. What does it mean to turn back to God? 1. True worship, 2. Sabbath observance, 3. Rejecting worldliness.

    Beeke says “To vote for Mitt Romney is not to endorse his views of religion, but to support him politically.” Politics are an expression of one’s religion or faith. James tells us that “faith without works is dead.” It is impossible for a man not to live by his faith. Because we can tell a tree [religion] by it fruit [politics] it is a good idea to reflect upon our own political views with a critical eye to reveal what our religious views are. Are we more concerned about the first table of the law [God’s honor and glory, pleasing Him] or are we more concerned with the second table [personal peace and affluence]?

    Beeke says “The President’s job is not to teach sound doctrine,”
    (Deu 4:2 NASB) – “You shall not add to the word which I am commanding you, nor take away from it, that you may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.” Man lives and breaths his religious convictions. To think Romney can divorce himself from his religious beliefs is dangerous because it is not grounded biblically.

    I pray that the Church will turn from its carnal ways, like voting, which are vanity, and turn to Christ. It doesn’t matter if either Obama or Romney is president, God will use them either to bless or curse the country, depending on whether we turn from our idolatry or not. I believe Satan has deceived us. He is using the idea of voting to get Christians to believe that is how we effect change. This could not be farther from the truth. We effect change by living the gospel and spreading the gospel. Does it strike anyone as odd that since the advent of modern democracy and television, we have seen the death of Christendom while those in the first three centuries, without such tools, were able to conquer the Roman empire?

  41. Kathy Porterfield

    Regardless of all the rhetoric, God is sovereign.

    • Grace


  42. I cannot bring myself to vote for either main stream candidate. I did my research, and at the poles I will be voting for TJ O’Hara. He is the leading Independent candidate, and a good man. He has based his campaign on truth not lies and mud slinging. https://tjohara.com/

  43. Shawn

    Although there is no “perfect” candidate as all men are sinful by nature and fall WAY short of the glory of God, I do not agree with all of Mr. Beeke’s comments. I am a little disappointed based upon his background and testimony that he would lead people to think towards the status quo (by saying that not voting or voting 3rd party) could be the equivalent of not voting. There is a more God fearing (yet still far from perfect) 3rd party candidate that still believes in doing things God’s way as well as upholding our constitution. If we as a nation continue to not think for ourselves, continue to believe the lies, drink the proverbial kool-aid, we will eventually be forced into a two party system as others will lose hope in not having a chance. Who cares if they do not get the “majority party” backing. All the parties are interested in doing is putting the most popular fall guy out front.

    When are we going to stand as a united nation and start firing these clowns in office by holding them accountable to the promises they made and stop this madness of allowing great deals of intentional sin heap upon us (abortion, stealing from those to give to others, and other valid points Mr. Beeke makes). If we as a people would show the government that we mean business, I am almost certain the next person to take office would take it seriously that the people have had enough and they would mind their P’s & Q’s. Instead, we let our government officials flaunt the sins to the people showing that one can sin and not die, to shake their fist at God showing that America does not need Him, and nothing could be further from the truth. If any time more than now, this election could be the one that divides this nation once and for all. I also wonder if Mr. Beeke (seeing how he loves the Puritan history) has ever wondered what our founding fathers would have thought should it have been them during this election. I wonder if (Mr. Beeke) has thought about what it cost our founding father’s in life and in death to keep this country free and the cost of building the constitution. May God have mercy on us, and may we be blessed with the opportunity to repent.

  44. Richard

    I cannot vote for either. The case against Obama is clear. His administration can be equated with evil. But I also cannot vote for a high-ranking member of a satanic cult who believes my Christianity is apostate. Romney is just as “evil” as Obama. Romney is not pro life. The christians in this country are shortsighted and extremely naive if they believe that abortion and homosexuality will be turned back, or that gas, food, and medical costs will suddenly decrease, or that companies will be able to hire droves of people, and that our taxes will be sharply reduced. Nothing substantive will change under a Romney administration. We have to strongly consider the possibility that God will curse our nation if we elect a Mormon into office. I cannot also vote for Romney and further the legitimization of a satanic cult. Sorry but I as a biblical Christian will not drink the Kool-Aid and compromise my biblical beliefs. One day I will stand before the Lord and have to give Him an account of my life and actions and I really don’t want to have to explain why I voted for a Mormon.

  45. Ed

    I respectfully disagree. Look at how Mitt got the Republican nomination. It wasn’t all that above board. Second, if you support what you are saying you are stating that I should support being bullied by the Republican majority to vote for an agenda that is really close to GW. That scares me because GW didn’t do a good job either.

    Regarding your moral points, I agree we support what is moral. However, there is one flaw in that which is disturbing. Mitt has stated we all believe in the same god. I disagree with that. God inspired the scriptures that you preach. He DID not wait until the 19th century to inspire a man to reinterpret scripture and add on The Price of Pearls. Then Joseph Smith stated the EVERY Christian denomination is wrong except the Mormons. The Dead Sea scrolls prove the Joseph Smith’s claim that scripture was never reproduced accurately is WRONG. If Mitt didn’t mention his religion, I wouldn’t have a big issue.
    Manipulating Christians into stating “Look how similar we are so vote for me” is dangerous. Non Christians will evaluate our vote and stance and ask – what is the difference between Christianity and Mormonism? Christians are all for Mormon values so why worry about Christianity and why not become Mormon. That is what I worry about. It is our witness.


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