Update on Victoria (X)

Five-year-old Victoria DeHaan suffered severe wounds after being attacked by dogs a few weeks ago. This time my update on Victoria (Tori) is a personal letter received from Victoria’s mother this morning. She has given me permission to post this.

Dear Uncle Joe,

Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for writing the posts on Tori! It felt so amazing to be so surrounded with people in prayer for our little girl! Every time we heard of more and more churches and people praying for her, we just couldn’t believe it. We just felt arms reaching out, and knees being bent.

Our God is so amazing! Every day we have been able to witness new mercies, as we witnessed progress in our little girl. First her life spared and stabilized, her leg saved, arteries put back together, warm little feet, pulses in both feet, new tissues growing back, head scan cleared, scars healing at a rapid rate, and today standing!! I never thought three short weeks ago we would be wheeling our precious little girl down the corridor in a wheel chair. My mind can hardly take it in.

My worries have shifted from her body to her mind. Just before going to bed tonight she asked me to pray with her again. She was thinking “bad things,” she said. She will often talk about the whole accident from start to finish. She remembers every detail. One day she turned to me and said, “Did you see the barn floor? It was full of blood.” My heart breaks when I think of this, but every time I remind her that God delivered her. When I think of the whole accident, and events leading up to it, I love to see how calculated the timing of everything was. Every step was so timed, and just on time. I love seeing God’s direction and hand in this. It is so comforting.

This week Thursday skin grafting is scheduled. I have to constantly remind myself not to worry or be so weak, that God is in control, and there is no amount of worrying that would change the outcome.

Please continue to pray for our little girl. I’ve asked her many times if this makes her happy when people pray for her, and it definitely does. I also noticed the first week and a half that she only prayed for others. I couldn’t believe it. She has now started to include herself.

Lots of love,



  1. andy najera

    May the God of mercy heal her mind as he is healing her little body….

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