NAPARC, ETS, and Rockford, Illinois

Today my wife and I are leaving for Indiana where I hope to attend NAPARC (North American Presbyterian and Reformed Council) on behalf of the Heritage Reformed denomination, then move on tomorrow to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to deliver two papers (and sell books) at the ETS (Evangelical Theological Society) meetings, where more than 2000 professors are expected. I’m giving one paper on Laurence Chaderton, whom God used to train more Puritans for the ministry than anyone else, and another on Puritan preparatory grace. On Friday, we move on to Rockford, Illinois, where I hope to speak over the weekend five times for the Grace Reformed Baptist Church on “Knowing and Living the Christian Life.” We covet your prayers.


  1. Will pray for you. What are some of the benefits of presenting a paper at ETS? I am thinking about reading a paper at the one in MA

  2. martin woodier

    Would you please put your Chaderton paper online soon?

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