Archives for November 26, 2012

Update on Victoria (XIV)

I have wonderful news to share with you: Victoria was allowed to come home—hopefully for good. Here is the happy recent post of her mother Jen:

Victoria decided to surprise her Dad, Grandma, and I by walking all the way from her hospital room, down the hallways, into the elevator, and almost to the Tim Horton’s coffee shop downstairs! The look on her face was priceless, a mixture of determination and pure excitement. (At one point Grandma was so excited she had to pick her up and squeeze her.)

Today I was able to give her a second bath with the nurses. They are applying a cream to help the over stimulation of tissue. This was the reason why we were not able to come home on Tuesday. I could already see some improvement.

Again our family has been so surrounded with love, with visitors we never would have expected, beautiful messages, cards, babysitters, sisters that cleaned our house, and meals. Victoria’s walls in her room were so full of cards, it looked like wall paper. Every nurse and doctor loved her room, and commented on all the love and support we have received. Those messages and texts were read and re-read! So many times I have been so taken back by people’s kindness, and thoughtfulness. What a complete blessing to belong to the family of God!

On behalf of our family, thanks so much for all your prayers for Victoria and her family. Please continue to pray for her continued recovery, the strengthening of her legs, the dissipation of flashbacks, and the sanctification of her soul.