Archives for November 9, 2012

Celebrating the Heidelberg Catechism’s 450th Anniversary

Heidelberg Castle

In 1563 the Lord blessed His church with a remarkably clear and warm-hearted statement of biblical Christianity. The Heidelberg Catechism was written by two men in their twenties, yet it has served as a book of comfort to the international Reformed movement for four-and-a-half centuries. It is doctrinal, experiential, Christ-centered, and practical.

Let me invite you to two opportunities to make use of its historic 450th anniversary to enrich yourself personally and spiritually.

This winter, on January 18–19, 2013, Canadian Reformed Seminary in Hamilton, Ontario will host a special conference on the Heidelberg Catechism. Lyle Bierma, Herman Selderhuis, Jason van Vliet, and I will speak about the rich heritage we have in the catechism.

This summer, on July 11–19, 2013, Dr. Van Vliet and I will lead The Legacy of the Reformation Tour through Germany and the Netherlands. In addition to learning more about the history and doctrines of the Reformation, you will enjoy delightful scenic excursions to the Het Loo palace and gardens, the Bad Bentheim castle, the Gothic Dom church in Cologne, a cruise on the Rhine River, and, of course, Heidelberg Castle.

Those interested may also register for the Heidelberg Conference on Reformed Theology from July 18–21, 2013. It will be a fitting way to cap off our tour through Europe to Heidelberg. Speakers include Lyle Bierma, Michael Horton, Jason Van Vliet, Jon Payne, Victor d’Assonville, Sebastian Heck, and myself.

Update on Victoria (XII)

Five-year-old Victoria DeHaan suffered severe wounds after being attacked by dogs a few weeks ago. Here is an update on her condition.

Tori had her surgery for 130 square inches of skin grafting yesterday. We thank our heavenly Father that He has made all things well. The surgeons were pleased with how surgery went. Victoria experienced severe pain when she first came through surgery but her pain is now being controlled by morphine. As I write, she is eating and painting a picture. God is good!