Update on Victoria (VII)

Victoria is now out of the ICU. Her parents are now able to be with her around the clock. On Sunday they were able to get her in a wheelchair for some time and she was able to go into the atrium. From her floor in the hospital there is lots to see and she had lots of questions.

Yesterday the surgeon put in a new vacuum to clean out Victoria’s major wound and infection. The surgeon was happier with how things went and looked than previously; he did have to cut away a little tissue but not as much as on Friday. Thursday or Friday of this week, this procedure will have to be done again. Victoria does experience considerable pain and discomfort which is hard on her parents and family. Please continue to pray with us that the pain would be controlled and that her fever would not return. And thank the Lord for the progress that has been made.


  1. Elizabeth J Ryniak

    So glad that things are getting better for this child. Asking God to strengthet the parents as they stand by her thru this trial.

  2. Aria Greendyk

    I have been praying for Victoria since I heard the story. I was very touched.
    ~Aria Greendyk

  3. Brian Kamwendo

    What an encouraging update. I will continue to pray for her and thanks so much for all the updates.

    Brian Kamwendo

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