Update on Victoria DeHaan (II)

Victoria’s parents, Jen and Gerald DeHaan, continue to feel God’s presence in this great trial. Jen has remarked a few times, “It feels like we are floating on prayer.” They are keenly aware of the many hundreds of people that are praying for them and Victoria, and feel the love and concern of everyone.

They are asking for specific prayer for a resolution of Victoria’s fever that has set in. Prayer is also needed for the surgeons as they have to cut away some of the tissue in one of Victoria’s legs; the color is not good and it does not appear to be healing properly. This means that the skin grafting surgery scheduled for today will not be done yet, as these matters need to be resolved first. Please pray on….


  1. Nita

    Many are praying for Victoria and family through Rest Ministries founded by Lisa Copen.
    My Pastor Dave Sarafolean share the prayer request and I past it on to my friends on Rest Ministries. People from around the world who struggle with serious chronic illness is praying for Victoria. I am amazed at the love in God’s family!

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