FIEL Conference 2012

Last week I gave four plenary addresses and participated in two Q&A sessions at the 28th annual FIEL conference in Brazil. Two thousand four hundred people attended.

I was joined by Steve Lawson and Paul Washer as speakers at FIEL. Both men delivered some powerful messages—Lawson on the five points of Calvinism, and Washer on what the gospel is. I spoke on how to use the means of grace, assurance of faith, learning from the Puritans, and persevering to the end.

It was a touching moment at the FIEL conference, when Mr. and Mrs. Richard Denham arrived. Mr. Denham, founder of FIEL, is in frail health but still desired to attend one more annual conference. I had the privilege of praying with both of these dear friends individually. What a sweet couple they are!

Mary Beeke Signing Books

Thousands of books sold at FIEL. Many hours were spent signing books, talking with people, and answering questions on a variety of topics.

Friday and Saturday Paul Washer, Steve Lawson, a Brazilian, and I spoke at the first Reformed conference FIEL has ever offered in Rio de Janeiro, one of the world’s most beautiful cities. About 600 people attended.

Please pray for the Spirit’s work in the great nation of Brazil and for safe travel home.


  1. Tiago Baía

    Dr. Beeke and Mrs. Beeke,

    Thank you for serving us and our nation Brazil with the glory of the Gospel!

  2. Fernanda Pazzolini

    I was at the conference in Rio de Janeiro and on Sunday at the Cathedral ICNV.
    I have been greatly blessed by his preaching that God continue using you for His glory! Thank you.

  3. Adriano Nazareth Pinto de Carvalho

    Dear brother reverend Joel Beeke,

    Christian greetings from Brazil.

    I am a big fan of your ministry.

    Because of you, now I love the puritans and their writings.

    Fiel Conference has been a blessing in my life since 1994, the first time I attended it; by the way, it was the first time John Piper preached here in Brazil.

    In this year, my 13th participation, it was a blessing to hear God’s word be proclaimed with faithfulness and power.

    Paul Washer, Joel Beeke, Steven Lawson, Hernandes Dias Lopes and others presented us with the sound doctrine and with the Glory of Christ.

    Thanks for posting this picture, because I could found myself in it.

    It was a pleasure to meet you personally.


    Adriano Nazareth Pinto de Carvalho, pr.
    Jardim Europa Baptist Church
    Santa Bárbara d’Oeste-SP

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