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G-Raps for Eyewear

Hi Friends and Family,

I have a small request for you.

Recently my son and his friend came up with an idea. It is an accessory for Eyeglasses that shows a brand or a cause. The first one they are coming out with is for breast cancer research, and part of the proceeds will be donated to a foundation. They entered the idea into a business competition in Grand Rapids put on by Dick Devos. If you could “endorse” it, that would be much appreciated!

Just follow the link, login through facebook, and click “skip” when it asks for your info. Thank you all!


Update on Victoria DeHaan

Victoria has now gone through three surgeries, all of which have gone as well as can be expected considering her critical condition. The last surgery was for restoring muscle in her legs; time will tell whether or not that is ultimately successful. At present, there is hope that eventually she may be able to walk again. Tomorrow she undergoes her first surgery for skin grafting. Pray that that may go well.

Victoria is still battling low grade fevers and infections, but neither are beyond what is expected for someone in her condition. All in all, we are grateful to be able to report that, though she is still in critical condition, there is some progress. Keep praying with us that there will be no major setbacks.

One nice bonus of God’s tender lovingkindness is that the dogs did no damage to her face. Another bonus was that about 3:00 a.m. on Sunday morning she came out of her sedation long enough to be able to mouth the words “mommy” and “daddy” to the great joy of her parents, Jen and Gerald. For now, however, she needs to continue to be under heavy sedation.

Both the immediate and extended family are profoundly grateful for the thousands of prayers being offered up for Victoria and covet their continuation.

Pray for Victoria

Thank you to all who have been praying for little Victoria, the five year old daughter of one of my nieces. As I posted on my Facebook page, she was mauled by Rottweilers on their homestead late last week. By God’s grace, she is alive and so far they have not had to amputate her leg. But she is wounded all over her body and has suffered internal bleeding. Please continue to pray for her, her parents, and the rest of the family in this incredibly painful ordeal. Pray too that God will get glory through this tragedy and many people would be saved.

The Political Assault on Morality

This gentleman has a crucial message for our nation about the moral implications of our present political situation, and he says it with conviction and boldness. I know your time is precious, but please watch this video and pass it on to your friends.