If I Had to Pick One Book

I love books, and have read many volumes that promote biblical truth and spiritual life. Sometimes people ask me, “What is your favorite book aside from the Bible?” My answer is Wilhelmus à Brakel, The Christian’s Reasonable Service. If I were about to be exiled to a deserted island and could take only one publication besides the Bible, it would be Brakel’s four volume set.

Why? Brakel gives us the cream of the crop of the English Puritans and the Dutch Further Reformation. He covers all the topics of theology and the Christian life. And he does so with a glowing heart and burning love. Reading Brakel is like reading Reformed theology, personal devotions, and practical guidelines for Christian living all at once.

Dutch farmers used to read this set to their families in the winter. One twelve-year-old boy of a previous generation was caught by his parents staying up well past midnight. He was so determined to stay awake he put his feet in a pan of cold water. What was this boy doing when everyone else was asleep? He was reading Brakel’s The Christian’s Reasonable Service. He could not put it down!

This week, RHB is offering Brakel’s four volume set for a low, low price of $80. Don’t let this sale pass you by!

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  1. Or download Brakel’s wonderful works here:


  2. Dr. Beeke, Sorry to bug you on this thread. I was just reading a claim being made about the Puritans on the Gospel Coalition blog by Joe Thorn. There is an album dropping tomorrow that basically asserts they were largely racist and harsh toward black slaves. I am not familiar enough with the history of the Puritans on this topic to interact intelligently. Can you point me toward some resources for this purpose? Thanks!

  3. How sad that so many books are in English only Puritans, I realized while reading his book “The Puritan and Reformed Spirituality”, how great men had the history of the church, God help us by his grace, to follow the footsteps Christ as did the men.

  4. I ordered these for delivery to the UK last week, and was astounded that they arrived within one week of ordering! The speed of delivery is only surpassed by the contents of the books. I’m only starting in, but this looks like rich food indeed.

    May the Lord bless the contents of these volumes to the hearts of many.

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