Preaching at Met Tab, London

The Metropolitan Tabernacle

Sunday, I preached at the Metropolitan Tabernacle (also frequently called, Spurgeon’s church) about the basics of justification in the morning (Rom. 3:23–28) and an evangelistic sermon on how God saves sinners in the evening (Mark 10:46–52). The church has grown since my last visit here of two years ago, due in part to each sermon now being translated into four languages simultaneously, so a number of people have on headsets as they listen to the Word coming to them in their own language. Approximately 900 people attended in the morning and 800 in the evening. Before both services, I visited with Dr. Peter Masters, senior pastor of Met Tab for over 40 years. About a year ago, his health was declining and many thought his work as pastor was coming to an end, but he is now feeling better and is working as hard as ever.

Today I finished proofing the last chapters of a new book and studied for the four addresses I need to give over the next three days at the Met Tab School of Theology Conference which begins tomorrow at noon. I’m scheduled to give the two addresses tomorrow evening (7:15–8:45 London time), 2:15–3:45 p.m. EST. I covet your prayers for divine blessing on this entire week.

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