Maputo, Mozambique

Karl Peterson was on hand in the Maputo, Mozambique airport when I finally arrived—without my luggage. No surprise there.

Karl is a Westminster Seminary graduate who pastored a Presbyterian church in Philadelphia for four years, and then accepted a call to head up a Bible institute in Mozambique—a position he held for fifteen years. During those years, he also helped organize an annual ministers’ conference in Nampola (where I am to speak next week) and planted two churches. Recently, he moved to Cape Town, South Africa to teach and exercise leadership in a Bible institute there.  You can feel almost immediately that he is an organized and competent brother who is gifted with leadership skills.

The following morning I had breakfast with three Brazilians, including Rick Denham, who has an important visionary and leadership role in the Brazilian FIEL organization. FIEL is opening a conference in Maputo (which begins in a few hours) for the first time. Two hundred have pre-registered which is all they have room for in this hotel. They come from a great variety of backgrounds. Most are not Reformed. Rick asked me to speak very simply—also for the ministers who are present, as they lack much theological background and training.

Please pray for this ground-breaking conference in Maputo—the first of its kind for this major urban center of Mozambique. Nine addresses are to be given in the next thirty hours. Each of the three speakers—Jaime Marcelino, Ronald Kalifungwa, and myself—will give three addresses. In God’s kind providence, I know both of these other brothers quite well. Jaime Marcelino is from the Amazon in Brazil, where he is a very effective pastor whose labors God is blessing (I hope to do a conference for him next year, D.V.). Ronald Kalifungwa is a powerful Zambian preacher, who speaks often at conferences throughout Africa and beyond. He is a dear brother whom I have known for years. We once shared each other’s conversion stories on an airplane in South Africa flying from one conference site to the next. He is also a long-distant student at PRTS.

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